Juha’s road to Cimcorp was quite similar to that of many other fitters. He was employed after a traineeship, and has worked for the company ever since. He values the variation the job offers as well as possibilities to develop.

Working abroad

“I have always been interested in working with my hands. Originally, I studied to be an electrical fitter, and later I added mechanical assembling to my skills. That’s when I first came to work at Cimcorp four years ago”.

Assembly work takes fitters abroad as Cimcorp delivers its solutions across the continents. For a young man, this can be tempting and a huge advantage. However, Juha points out that it is still work.

“I have worked in many interesting places. For example, the weather in Spain and Israel was great and the installation sites were quite close to the sea so it was possible to enjoy that. Nevertheless, it is still work we go to do there, and that is what we are focused on.”

At the most, Juha has traveled over 100 days per year.

“I think that working in different countries is nice and it teaches a lot. It’s the traveling that is sometimes exhausting, especially when flights are delayed or canceled.”

Family first

Juha and his wife have just become parents, and that changes priorities in life. There are many employees with small children at Cimcorp, and the company takes that into consideration whenever possible. For example, the amount of traveling can be limited for a period of time.

“I probably can work the rest of the year here at the workshop in Ulvila. It makes things so much easier and I appreciate the flexibility from the employer’s side,” says Juha.

Over time, Juha has been given more responsibility, and nowadays he is often the assembler in charge on the installation site. In the near future he has no plans to educate himself further, for obvious reasons, but who knows what will happen in the years to come. Cimcorp has a good track record for supporting the self-driven studies of its employees, as it benefits both parties.

Technology to support assembly work

Assembly work is very hands-on and requires practical knowhow. However, in Juha’s experience, it is important to make use of technical advances when possible, to make the work more efficient.

“The possibility to use smartphones and laptops on installation sites helps to save time, when for example the measurements on technical drawings can be found at once, without wasting time asking around. After all, we deliver cutting-edge technology. We must be able to use it as well”, concludes Juha.

Juha, Fitter

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