Don is a professional engineer who has worked in the field of automation for nearly 30 years, seeing firsthand its impact on industries and the global economy. Notably, he has worked globally for international automation suppliers and has experience with many Fortune 500 companies. 

From engineer to sales manager

Don began his career in automation in the area of systems planning, gaining experience with a wide range of equipment–from standardized robotic products to very specialized and custom-designed solutions. His experience with a wide variety of automated solutions across several industries led Don to advance into sales management. For 25-year now career in sales, he has witnessed the continuous and relentless advancement of robotics technology. At Cimcorp, his main focus has been automated tire handling solutions, including special purpose AGVs, which are now rapidly becoming widely used across all industries with many different form factors.

“The sales process is extremely dependent on recognizing what automation solution the customer needs to be successful, and working with them to provide the necessary clarity so they can achieve this.”

A day in Don’s shoes

Day to day, Don manages a variety of activities, including consulting with customers, developing contracts and working with the applications department to develop Cimcorp’s unique solutions.

“An important and necessary part of my day to day is the internal sales process. I make sure that planners have the necessary information and resources, while maintaining focus on the critical customer requirements.”

What do you like about working for Cimcorp?

“We’re a global company. We work in many different countries with many different cultures. Yet we all recognize and work towards a common goal. We are distinct in our cultures, but similar in the values guiding us to success.”

Don, Sales Manager

Grow, flow and glow

At Cimcorp we don’t fill vacancies; we solve our clients’ business challenges by sourcing the best people with the right mix of skills, experience and attitude.

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