Cimcorp's automation software for curing area of tire plants

Connect management from PLC up to ERP to gain seamless and easy information that is meaningful for you to run fully operating plant with ease. You can mix and match the software according to your tire plant’s or process area needs.

Keep your material flow constant with warehouse control software

Cimcorp’s software provides an unbroken chain of control from individual robot movements, through material flow, to interfaces with millions of interconnected system data points.

Optimized control of tire plant processes

Developed specifically for the tire industry, the software manages all automated equipment and key functions, such as receiving products from upstream processes, routing tires to the robots, and sorting tires by SKU, while maintaining FIFO inventory management.

The software also controls the storage and buffering operation, dynamically adjusting floor areas to optimize the use of space, and organizing process execution.

Easy-to-use graphical user interface dashboards assist operators and managers by showing the real-time status of the system, including inventory visibility, giving full control over WIP.

Manufacturing execution software by Cimcorp records all manufacturing data

Our intelligent software also keeps a record of all manufacturing data from raw materials through mixing, compounding, component manufacturing, tire-building, curing, testing, and warehousing to shipping.

Full traceability

The software offers comprehensive data management for each step of the manufacturing and distribution processes.

Recording information such as batch numbers, operators, weights, processing times, and test results ensures accurate product tracking at the individual tire level and 100% traceability.

The software also uses this information for In-Process Verification, ensuring that the right raw materials or products are delivered to the correct processing and testing machines.

Journey to automation award for Cimcorp
Journey to automation award for Cimcorp

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