Toni has been a Cimcorper for a decade, working in various departments, in various countries and under various titles. His career has given him professional and personal growth, and a solid knowledge base of the whole automation industry.

He has an electrical background and worked as an automation technician for six years. He was studying engineering, while working, when he came across the black and yellow colors of Cimcorp.

“I started as a summer trainee in 2011 and never left!” he says.

When Toni entered the factory, he swore that he would never have an office job. He enjoyed having a hands-on role and chose mechanical assembly even though he had an electrical background.

“I wanted to switch things up. Therefore, in a sense I was two professionals in one package, electrical and mechanical,” Toni explains.

From assembly to the office

After graduating as an automation engineer, he accepted a job as a site manager and traveled to Russia and Indonesia. Change is inevitable, though: Toni and his wife had their daughters and there were other unexpected changes in their personal lives that meant it was necessary to spend more time at home.

He requested an internal transfer and heard about a position in the customer support department. What would previously have been a boring office job then piqued his interest and, in 2017, Toni started as a service coordinator. He was the initial point of contact with Cimcorp customers and coordinated the maintenance, technical and support services.

That role lasted for three years and then Toni saw another interesting possibility to move forward, applying internally for the position of ERP solution owner and starting in the IT department in May 2020.

“I always said that I didn’t want to have an office job, but look at me now! Here I am working happily in an office,” he laughs.

A professor of useless information

“I’ve said for a long time that contentment kills development. When something bothers me, I try to find the best possible solution to solve it,” Toni says.

He has always had a development mindset, constantly learning new things and trying to find the most efficient ways to work and develop.

“My wife says that I am a professor of useless information!” he jokes.

The leaps forward in Toni’s career have only been possible because of the growth mindset of the company. He explains that he has always received support to develop, learn and grow.

“The best thing about Cimcorp is the forward impetus that exists in Cimcorpers. In general, we want to develop ourselves and find the best possible solutions,” he says.

Strong knowledge of diverse tasks

Today Toni works as an ERP solution owner, maintaining and developing ERP solutions for Cimcorp Group, with a focus on customer service and maintenance solutions. No two days are ever the same.

“Having worked in so many different roles in Cimcorp, I have a broad understanding of the different tasks and the day-to-day reality in various areas, which gives me a strong base to develop from,” Toni explains.

Lean hierarchy despite growth

Cimcorp as a company has grown significantly in many senses during the past decade – in size as an organization and in the scale of projects handled, but also in its professionalism and the development of a more modern mindset. Each department has grown and taken on more responsibility, but Cimcorpers are still open to new ideas.

“The growth of our company has not affected our lean hierarchy,” says Toni. “I can still go to Tero, our CEO, and share my thoughts and ideas about anything, or just ask how he’s doing. That is a positive thing and gives a certain sense of belonging,” he adds.

Toni thinks that the future is bright for Cimcorp and that the possibilities for the group to grow are limitless.

“The next big step is to start to treat ourselves as the big company that we are – to get our internal processes harmonized and optimized,” he says. “That way, we will work in a more efficient way internally and we can ensure a uniform service in all parts of the world.”

Toni, ERP Solution Owner, Corporate IT

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