Cimcorp's automation for raw material area of tire plant with software control, receipt management and mobile robots

As the throughput of the curing presses determines the ultimate production capacity of the tire plant, keeping the presses curing is paramount.

Optimize green tire area

The core element in driving efficiency in the process phase is the curing buffer (also called green tire storage). Our buffer solution achieves a high storage capacity and can handle a wide range of stock-keeping units (SKUs) simultaneously. Green tires are automatically and individually loaded onto a universal tire pallet and then picked up by the gantry robot. The dynamic storage system optimizes the floor space under the robot.

Producing high-quality tires requires careful processing of raw materials and component management. We have the know-how and solutions for the area.

If you really want to manufacture to order; it means when you start to produce tires, you need to start from the raw material. When you get that customer order, you need to have a system capable of supporting your production, so that you know what is happening and what is the availability in each area.

Tero Peltomäki, CEO Cimcorp Group

Wide range of robots and possibilities

Cimcorp’s robotic products – gantry robots, linear robots, monorail transfers, mobile robots – have been developed specifically to meet the demanding material handling needs of the tire industry. The selection of equipment flexibility makes them a perfect fit for automation in both brownfield and greenfield plants.

Increase opportunities with a smaller footprint

In existing facilities where there is insufficient space for monorail transfers, intelligent mobile robots or AGVs may be used instead. Precise spotting and bead-to-bead dimension stretching can be integrated into the loading sequence.

In existing facilities where there is insufficient space, we have several alternative options to make your plant a high-performing dream.

A unified system with unified control

It’s imperative to track and trace each tire’s path throughout the tire plant and as it is picked to meet a curing press’ product orders.

Examples of what we offer with Cimcorp’s software

• One management system
• Receipt management
• Quality control
• Tracking and tracing
• Dashboards

Sophisticated software loves automation

The Cimcorp Dream Factory – total tire plant or individual modules optimizes material flow into the presses, eliminating unnecessary waiting time. This is achieved by integrating buffer storage and transfer systems under the control of Cimcorp’s software.

We have over 120 cimcorpers dedicated to making software which controls the whole tire plant.

Veli-Matti Hakala, Director, Tire industry sales at Cimcorp

Control of the material flow is key

In all areas of a tire manufacturing plant, control of the material flow is key. By logging material batches, operators, and processing times, Cimcorp’s software controls the total process flow from PLC to ERP level.

The software provides In-Process Verification (IPV) to check that the right raw materials arrive at the right processing station with complete traceability of raw materials and real-time inventories.

Journey to automation award for Cimcorp
Journey to automation award for Cimcorp

Gain benefits by selecting Cimcorp

Higher productivity

Rapid and efficient handling of raw materials and 100% material availability at the mixing machines, resulting in higher throughput for the compounding process.

Efficient inventory

With improved information on raw material requirements and processing, you will need lower stock levels and less space which frees up capital for other uses.

Complete traceability

Cimcorp’s software provides comprehensive tracking and tracing information for each individual tire, starting from receipt management.

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Cimcorp has developed its own software for tire plants and it’s leveraging data to improve the complete flow in tire manufacturing.

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