The Dream Factory is a fully automated, end-to-end handling solution for optimizing material and data flows in tire factories. With full modularity and scalability, the system provides unlimited possibilities for brownfield sites. The only limit is your imagination and the laws of physics.

Take the next step – Bring your factory into the future

Maximum productivity

Power new efficiencies across the four walls of your plant and uncover newfound returns from your existing infrastructure.

Faster ROI

Looking for a quicker way to improve quality and gain competitive advantage? While conventional systems can take months to get up and running, the Dream Factory cuts that down with rapid installation, providing you, faster and greater ROI.

Uptime all the time

Advanced sensor technology reveals potential risks even before they become apparent. If a problem occurs, you can isolate it to the affected module block and fix it with little or no disruption.


We automate individual production lines, which builds resilience and reduces vulnerability. You can insert, adapt or remove part of a process – whatever you can dream up – without affecting other processes.

Easy to operate

On the software side, a user-friendly interface makes operators’ job a breeze. Enjoy accurate data and precise handling – and say goodbye to production or distribution errors!

Get smart

The Dream Factory turns your brownfield site into the smart factory of your dreams: transforming operations from raw material storage through the production processes, to the finished tire loading dock.

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