You have automation up and running! To take care of the system, talk with us about the next steps.

The dedicated and trained team of specialists at Cimcorp will evaluate your requests and your solution’s needs. We will provide you with a tailor-made service package, with alternative choices to maintain the best possible productivity in your facility.

Our mission is to provide 100 percent uptime, predict and avoid risks, and secure your supply chain. With these, we help to secure a lifecycle of 20 years or more for your automation technology.

Contact sales to see which services fit to your facility.

Uptime services

Want to ensure 100% uptime in your facility? Choose us to keep it going.
Select the right service level, with remote or on-site engineers taking care of your system. The basic level includes our 24/7 help desk and spare parts kit. Think ahead and add predictive maintenance!

Upgrade services

Longing for higher throughput or to increase SKUs? It’s time to prepare for change.
Get information on the health of your system. Maintain high operational reliability in years to come and minimize maintenance costs for the future.

Expert training

Defend against downtime! With specific training, your staff grow to be experts in their particular tasks.
Cimcorpers educate your staff members with best-in-class knowledge and tools. This ensures your systems run at their optimum performance, securing the profitability of your business.

Certified spare parts

Get an initial spare parts kit for your new investment or think ahead and take care of the whole lifecycle of your system.
Spare parts are needed at some stage of the service life of the product. Cimcorp’s certified spare parts help to realize the designed lifetime of all equipment and minimize maintenance costs.

Interested in service?

Interested in service?

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