Bakery order fulfillment by Cimcorp automation for intralogistics

Cimcorp’s bakery order fulfillment solution is designed to meet the unique needs of the bakery industry, combining advanced robotics and automation with decades of industry know-how.

Create a modern bakery automation network

Optimizing your bakery order fulfillment network

Order fulfillment system can help bakeries improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

The solution is adaptable to different bakery environments and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Modular and flexible, Cimcorp’s solution can be scaled up to accommodate seasonal demands as well as business growth, making it a future-proof solution. Bakeries across continents have leveraged Cimcorp’s automated bakery solution to optimize fulfillment, including Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.®, Fazer Bakeries, and Kwik Trip.

Together with us, bakeries can achieve store-friendly deliveries that are fast, efficient and have minimal manual labor requirements.

High throughputs with 100 percent order accuracy

Cimcorp’s order fulfillment automation is ideal for industries like baking, where product freshness depends on the speed of order fulfillment. Its bakery solution combines buffer storage and order picking into one seamless operation, meeting high throughputs with 100-percent order accuracy.

Superior hygiene and safety standards are taken into account

Automation ensures less spoilage and waste, consistency in product quality, superior hygiene and safety standards, and adaptability to seasonal changes in order volume and demand.

Best in Baking award winner Cimcorp

Best in Baking award winner

Committed to excellence in baking automation, Cimcorp won the Best in Baking award.

Cimcorp’s automation is central to enabling this efficient product movement and is therefore pivotal to our bakery business. Cimcorp worked closely with us to develop an ideal solution that would make optimal use of our warehouse space and meet our present and future business needs.

Eric Fonstad, Facility Director, Kwik Trip
News Kwik Trip

We have completed several projects and I have to say that the implementation of this one has been exceptional. We got an hour-by-hour installation schedule beforehand, and it was adhered to throughout the process. The project management was excellent and unprecedented.

Mika Suvanto, Factory Director, Fazer Bakeries Lahti, Finland

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Cimcorp's distribution center benefits with automation for fresh food handling
Cimcorp’s distribution center benefits with automation for fresh food handling
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