Cimcorp won Journey to Automation Award for software

Dream Factory is a turnkey solution with sophisticated software and automation combination. With Cimcorp’s software you will manage the plant’s millions of data points integrating each management level from PLC to ERP as one entity. You can select a totally new end-to-end automated tire plant, from raw materials to shipping area. For operative factories you can select certain areas, smaller modules or equipments for green tire or finished tire automation.

Our tire plant solution ensures maximum output, traceability and flexibility in production. Along with real-time quality control, Dream Factory focuses on achieving maximum productivity in any area to make all systems work seamlessly together.

Greenfields are made of dreams

The Cimcorp Dream Factory is a fully automated, end-to-end handling solution for optimizing material and data flows in tire factories. This includes automation and all needed equipment in all areas of tire plant.

With full modularity and scalability, the system provides unlimited possibilities starting from raw material area receipt management, including green tire and finished tire areas all the way to shipping and fully automating the order management. From Cimcorp, you will get all that your new tire plant needs.

Legacy factories

Find new efficiencies within the four walls of your plant by achieving higher utilization from your existing production equipment.

We automate individual production areas block by block and offer equipments to them which builds resilience and reduces vulnerability.

To secure the 100% uptime, make sure that your services are in shape. This includes also taking care of the spare parts to your legacy tire plant’s automation.

Simplified through intelligence

The success of Dream Factory is based on the intelligent software that drives it, developed for the tire sector by Cimcorp.

Gain total control of recipe management and real-time data for production, inventory, and order management.

Fit for greenfield and brownfield plants

Whether you have a greenfield or brownfield tire plant, Cimcorp’s Dream Factory streamlines the manufacturing process.

The system includes solutions for each manufacturing and distribution process that can be installed in existing plants as a full, one-time deployment or independently through a phased implementation.

For new facilities, automation can be built gradually through our unique, modular concept, which installs one line at a time—resulting in faster ROI.

Video interview by Tire Technology Expo 2022
Veli-Matti Hakala, Director, Tire industry Sales, Cimcorp Group

No one knows what the next big thing in the tire industry will be, which is why it’s so important to build agile and flexible solutions that can adapt to new trends.

But regardless of the uncertainty of future trends, software will continue to be a key part of the best automation solutions, as it allows for more streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes.

And you shouldn’t discount the importance of factors like space-efficient layout design, which plays a big part in lowering costs.

Veli-Matti Hakala Director, Tire industry Sales at Cimcorp

Benefits provided with Cimcorp’s tire plant solution

#1 Modularity

Straightforward and built step-by-step, so you can add new lines to increase plant capacity

#2 Space-efficiency

Our space-efficient layout uses up to 50% less space, which means significant savings in building and land costs.

#3 Control

Our optimized solution takes care of the complete intralogistics, while the interface covers PLCs, robot controllers and the host system.

#4 Reliability

We minimize maintenance interruptions by using fewer electro-mechanical components.

#5 Redundancy

If part of the production line isn’t working, production finds different routes instead of stopping.

#6 Productivity

Our solution is faster to install and simple to operate, which delivers high productivity right from the beginning.

#7 Sustainability

From a longer lifecycle to reduced energy consumption, we’ve taken eco-friendliness into account.

#8 Tailored

Our solution can handle both volume shipping and sequenced tire sets per vehicle.

Let’s talk about how we can boost your tire plant’s productivity!

Looking to boost your tire facility's productivity and automate your processes? Our team is here to help you maximize your tire plant's potential and achieve your production goals. Contact us today to discuss the solutions of automation and the benefits that Cimcorp can bring to your legacy tire plant. Let's work together to make your dreams come true!

Looking to boost your facility’s productivity and automate your processes? Our team is here to help you maximize your tire plant’s potential and achieve your production goals. Contact us today to discuss the solutions of automation and the benefits that Cimcorp can bring to your legacy tire plant. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true!

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