Cimcorp Dream Factory is a fully automated handling solution for the manufacturing and distribution of passenger car (PCR) and truck (TBR) tires.

The unique solution uses proven gantry robot technology for handling, buffer storage and picking, and intelligent software to provide total control of the material and data flow. Precise, real-time data is gathered to ensure intelligent decision making for production and inventory management. By integrating with industry-leading warehousing and material handling systems, Cimcorp Dream Factory seamlessly operates as a single, end-to-end material handling solution.

Gain efficiency with Dream Factory

With intelligent layout design, production requires half the space compared to conventional solutions. The investment in material handling is reduced by 50%. With  Cimcorp Dream Factory, less is more.

In addition, Cimcorp Dream Factory ensures full tire traceability and process data management through advanced control systems.

In existing facilities, Cimcorp Dream Factory automation, a reduced production footprint and increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE) can increase your output by 10%.

Automating material and data flow

Our systems automate the material and data flow from raw material storage, through work in process, to the finished tire loading dock:

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With the Cimcorp Dream Factory, you achieve a 10% higher throughput and save up to 50% in space and investment.

Kai Tuomisaari,
Vice President, Sales

What our customers tell about us?

Learn how PCR tire makers benefit from Cimcorp’s automation –download our case studies on Sentury and Tigar Tyres and read about case Continental.


Automation can help existing tire plants
overcome their challenges.

A full solution

In our Dream Factory solution, the raw materials, compounds, components, green tires and cured tires are transferred from one process phase to another by using automated guided vehicles (AGVs), laser-guided vehicles (LGVs), mobile robots, gantry and linear-type robots, monorail transfers and conveyors. The material stores and buffer storage utilize high-bay warehouse (HBW) technology with stacker cranes and miniload cranes, as well as gantry robot technology.

Simplified through intelligence

The entire material flow is controlled by the Cimcorp Warehouse Control System (WCS). This system integrates individual system components into one comprehensive material handling solution. Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) collects and traces production data, recipe management and reporting. Individual tires have complete traceability through the whole process. 

Increase production capacity

The Dream Factory solution is designed to increase your production capacity through 100% availability of raw materials, compounds, components, green tires and finished tires at all process machines. This means smaller buffer stores and reduced Work In Process (WIP). The Dream Factory makes efficient use of your most valuable process machines, such as building machines and curing presses, ensuring a 100% production level.

Fit for greenfield and brownfield plants

Whether you have a greenfield or brownfield tire plant, Cimcorp’s Dream Factory streamlines the manufacturing process. The system includes solutions for each manufacturing and distribution process that can be installed in existing plants as a full, one-time deployment or independently through a phased implementation. For new facilities, the automation can be built gradually through our unique, modular concept, which installs one line at a time—resulting in faster ROI.

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