From field to store in two days with intralogistics automation by Cimcorp

With full modularity and scalability, our robotic automation solution for grocery retail intralogistics provides endless possibilities – almost eliminating the need for a warehouse.

We offer order picking, or order fulfillment, automation solutions that are developed for full-crate, item, and case picking. Our robotic automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are designed for goods-to-person manual picking as well as buffer storing.

Sophisticated software supports automated intralogistics solutions that are ideal for grocery retailers, e-commerce retailers, multi-channel retailers, 3PLs, customers that ship food (dairy products, bakery products, and fresh produce), beverage distributors, and daily consumer goods and general merchandise resellers.

Why choose Cimcorp’s grocery retail intralogistics solution?

Power new efficiencies within the four walls of your distribution center. Benefit from fast handling to minimize lead times, maximizing shelf life in the case of fresh products.

With robotic automation you enjoy precise handling and 100% picking accuracy – say goodbye to distribution errors!

Intelligent software collects and stores data on all product flows within your warehouse, supporting traceability and regulatory requirements.

With modularity, we build resilience and reduce vulnerability in your material handling. Robots manage seasonal peaks with ease and you can scale the solution to your business by adding or removing modules.

Looking for a quicker way to improve quality and gain a competitive advantage? While conventional systems can take months to get up and running, the Cimcorp solution cuts that down with rapid installation, giving you faster and greater ROI. Plus, storing products directly on the floor means no racking or sprinkler systems are needed.

On the software side, a user-friendly interface makes operating the system a breeze.

Advanced sensor technology reveals potential risks even before they become apparent. If a problem occurs, you can isolate it to the affected module and fix it with little or no disruption.

Cimcorp’s solution is ideal for the food sector as the entire floor can be cleared, making any waste visible and hygienic cleaning easy.

  • Mercadona

    Managing Director of Logistics and Fruit and Vegetables Purchasing
    When it comes to fresh produce and chilled foods, a key element of quality is freshness. That’s where supply chain efficiency comes in.
  • EDEKA Minden-Hannover

    Plant Manager
    With the automated solution, we can also easily handle the increasing order volume of our stores. We solve these challenges effectively and future-proof with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Eroski’s Distribution Centers

    Logistics Director
    The main objective driving this project was that we wanted to minimize our manual handling.
  • Netto Marken-Discount

    Head of Corporate Communications
    Getting fresh fruit and vegetables from producers to the branches is an absolute race against the clock. In Cimcorp, we have found a service provider to supply us with a solution for fully automated order picking.
  • Kwik Trip

    Facility Director
    Cimcorp’s automation is central to enabling this efficient product movement and is therefore pivotal to our bakery business.
  • Synlait partnership with Cimcorp intralogistics automation at New Zealand


    Director Operations
    The speed and precision offered through automated materials handling will help us streamline operations and maximize the freshness of our new liquid milk products.
  • Valio

    Warehouse Operations Manager
    About 450 million kg of products go through the main warehouse in Riihimäki and Jyväskylä and about half of the volumes are picked by Cimcorp gantry robots.
  • Warehouse control software WCS by Cimcorp

    Olvi brewery

    Development Manager
    The systems have allowed us to automate the supply chain. Cimcorp’s WCS works seamlessly with our sales system.

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