Explore Cimcorp’s dynamic team in Grocery Retail solutions sales, each dedicated to driving efficiency and solving challenges in warehouse & distribution. From highly motivated problem solvers to dedicated project management professionals, meet the experts who are transforming the future of automation. Join us at expos, network with our specialists, and discover streamlined success in grocery retail automation.

Highly motivated problem solver

Sales Manager
Mob +358 50 0858 289

As Sales Manager, Mikko focuses on warehouse & distribution industry sales. It is extremely important to him that the customer journey is comfortable from first contact to solution design, sales and beyond. During this journey, his responsibility is to connect with the customer and find the best solution together, in order to fulfill their needs and overcome their pain points. Mikko has a strong engineering and operations background. He enjoys problem-solving and making sure that customers get the best possible solutions on the market.

Underneath Mikko’s rather tough exterior, there is a sensitive and caring person who enjoys outdoor activities. Regular fishing and a CrossFit lifestyle provide excellent balance to his hectic work schedule. He also loves to spend time with his friends and family.

Towards common goals

Sales Representative, DACH
Tel +49 177 75 89 254

Thomas is responsible for sales in the DACH region (Germany/Austria/Switzerland). He is the key contact for all customers within this area.

Thomas has gained experience in various large corporations across a wide range of management positions.

Collaborative working and pursuing common goals with the customer are important to him. He wants both the customer and Cimcorp to be satisfied and invested in a long-term, mutually profitable relationship.

Thomas is a very positive and optimistic person. He also takes a very structured approach to everything he does. Respect for everything and everyone is important to him. Outside of work, he likes to play billiards, hike, ride his bike and listen to music.

Problem-solving team player

Sales Manager
Mob +358 44 5110 026

Riku works as Sales Manager for the warehouse & distribution sector. During his career, Riku has gained sales experience in various industries. He enjoys interacting with customers and solving their challenges. Riku is a relaxed, problem-solving and reliable team player. He aims to create a good mood and relaxed atmosphere, both when working with customers and internally with the team.

Outside of work, Riku spends a lot of time with his family. One of the highlights of his year is a skiing trip to Lapland. Playing golf, padel and ice hockey are his ways to relax.

Striving for development

Sales Project Manager

Antti works as Sales Project Manager in warehouse & distribution sales. He has gained experience in various fields, from sales and marketing to mechanical engineering. Antti is interested in machines and devices, as well as processes and process development. He is also keen on personal development and eager to learn new things.

Antti is very approachable. With a smile on his face, he also admits to having the stereotypical characteristics of an engineer. In his free time, Antti has an active lifestyle – his hobbies include ice hockey, football, and taekwondo.

Keen on technology

Sales Project Manager

As Sales Project Manager, Teemu’s focus is on the warehouse & distribution industry. His work involves system planning for customers. This includes solution selection, system dimensioning, cost calculation, and negotiation with customers. Teemu’s background is in automation, software and project management. He enjoys developing new things, with technology in all its forms being close to his heart.

Outside of work, Teemu loves various types of sport. He does mountain biking, plays hockey, and skis. He is an eager sports fan who actively follows the progress of his local sports clubs. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and learning Spanish.

Dedicated project management professional

Sales Project Manager

Petri works as Sales Project Manager in warehouse & distribution industry sales. His main duties include solution sales and technical management of sales projects. Petri has years of experience of working in project management, system design and sales. He is interested in continuous personal development, change management, international sales, business management and subcontracting.

Petri is goal-oriented and strongly committed to things. Outside of work, his free time is taken up by his children’s hobbies, association activities, boating, fishing, exercise and forestry.

Spontaneous automation enthusiast

Sales Project Manager

Jan works as Sales Project Manager in warehouse & distribution industry sales. He is mainly responsible for the technical scope of sales projects.

Jan is interested in automation for intralogistics and has years of experience in logistics consulting, solution design and technical sales.

Jan is spontaneous, open and direct. Outside of work, he enjoys playing table tennis and spending as much time as possible with his family and friends.

Experienced sales enthusiast

Director, W&D Industry Sales
Mob +358 44 342 7839

As Director, W&D Industry Sales, Kari is responsible for the core business of the warehouse & distribution sales department. He also coordinates Cimcorp Group’s business-specific cooperation with the international sales organization, customer support and Muratec sales. Kari enjoys solving customers’ challenges and, together with his team, strives to exceed customers’ expectations.

Outside of work, Kari likes to spend time with his family. He often travels to Lapland, where he enjoys nature and fishing.

North America

Adventurous networker

Sales Manager

Tel +1 518 775 3954

Adam manages our business development and go-to-market sales strategy for grocery & retail partnerships for North America. This includes identifying and developing new areas to engage with for the retail market and selling solutions into their supply chains. Customer-specific value and network strategy are what excite Adam most in his work. He holds the team and the world-class technology he works with in high regard. He finds it fascinating to work out how Cimcorp fits into our customers’ growth strategy and total network value chain, because it establishes our team as a true industry partner, not just a supplier.

Adam is adventurous, curious and mindful. Outside of work, he spends time with his kids, plays guitar, enjoys live music, skis in the winter and does hiking and boating in the Adirondacks in the summer.

Experienced sales professional

Director of Sales
Mob +1 905 516 7513

As Director of Sales, Derek is responsible for North American sales with a focus on the warehouse & distribution sector. He is a long-time Cimcorper with experience of various positions in sales.

Derek loves to work with our sales teams and customers on solving logistics problems. He enjoys the variety that each day brings, as each customer and industry has unique challenges.

Outside of work, Derek likes to spend time with his teenagers, travel, play golf, ski, and cycle.

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