Intralogistics automation for stacks of plastic totes with fruits and vegetables

Freshness is perceived as quality in the market, and quality results in sales.  People simply want more choices, cheaper prices, fresher produce and faster delivery. To meet these increased demands, fast and accurate delivery is a must. 

Throughout the grocery supply chain, fresh produce must be moved quickly and systematically, which is why it is stored, distributed, and brought to stores at the peak of freshness.  

When order speeds and accuracy depend entirely on how fast people can pick and prepare everything by hand, this can be a challenge for retailers and warehouses with a manual setup. Once orders are picked up and placed on store shelves, the produce has already lost its freshness. 

With limited sales windows, fast order processing enhances the freshness and shelf life of perishable products. In just six hours or less, you can have all supermarket orders ready for delivery! 

Despite the speed of operation, the robots handle the products gently, which is an important factor for fruit and vegetables, many of which are susceptible to bruising. And, the robotic system takes care of the complete storage and picking process—all we need to do is introduce the stores’ orders and pallets of produce. It couldn’t be simpler.

Jens Heyvaert, Reliability Engineer for Colruyt
Freshness at retail and distribution is the key to sales growth! 
Fresh food grocery produce with Cimcorp intralogistics

Deliveries are faster and orders are 100% accurate 

We, at Cimcorp, design automated solutions in response to the need for speed, and to make sure that we are delivering at all times, we provide error-free order management, and proven systems that deliver the freshest goods continuously.

“The automated solution improves efficiency and picking accuracy, bringing benefits to our customers in terms of product freshness and availability on the shelves.”  –Mercadona, a family-owned supermarket chain handling fresh produce and grocery products in Spain. 

Although the idea of managing the routine with ease is impossible when faced with unpredictable demands, Cimcorp’s automated modules can help produce distributors and retailers deliver safe and fresh food to people.  

Can you right now supply fresh food around the clock and error-free? Let Cimcorp help!

“For us efficiency, costs and ergonomics were decisive when we decided on Cimcorp as an experienced automation provider for our fruit and vegetable distribution. Since millions of people rely on the safety of their food, everything from the field to the table has to be impeccable. We expect an extremely high availability of fresh products from Cimcorp’s automation, as these are extremely time-critical and sensitive.”

Edeka Oberhausen is a fresh grocery retailer that offers a special shopping experience with a gourmet bistro and fine delicacies.
Freshness at retail and distribution is the key to sales growth! 

Adaptable modular design that scales with your needs  

With our intralogistics solution, you can flexibly and easily scale up automation to respond to changes in demand. The fact that Cimcorp’s automated and flexible solutions can be integrated into newly constructed or existing facilities is another key aspect.   

You can automate parts of the warehouse that will provide the biggest benefit and high ROI, as well as the entire order fulfillment process. Using islands of automation, manual operations can be merged with automated ones, scaled as needed, and operations will be able to excel no matter what the future brings.  

No matter which approach you choose, Cimcorp’s intralogistics solutions can give you the speed you need. 

Thanks to our warehouse control system (WCS), robots manage everything from receiving to dispatching flawlessly. “What sets Cimcorp’s solutions apart,” says Kai Tuomisaari, “is the combination of buffer storage and order picking in one efficient, flexible and scalable workflow.”

“We also use Cimcorp’s warehouse control software (WCS) alongside SAP in Tampere and Oulu, Finland, where products are picked manually. The WCS provides us with the necessary transparency, and monitoring of operations can also be done between the various warehouses. In our view, this is one of Cimcorp’s real selling points.”

Valio Group, the most innovative dairy and food company in the world.