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What drives you also drives our solutions – contact us to discover how to reach maximum productivity. Tire production is increasingly challenging: the need to reduce costs and increase supply chain resilience in SKU proliferation and sustainability demands. The fact is that optimization of your material flows in and between tire building machines and curing area following with inventory levels has never been more crucial. We get it, and we have the solution.

Get in the driving seat with award-winning software

Advanced software is what makes a tire plant smart. With Dream Factory, full control of material, data and process flow means complete traceability for every tire and precise, real-time data for production and inventory management. The intelligence driving Dream Factory is Cimcorp’s software developed specifically for the tire industry.

The Cimcorp’s software optimizes the entire material flow, integrating the robots and various handling subsystems into one comprehensive intralogistics solution. Meanwhile, software takes care of production data, recipe management and reporting to ensure comprehensive tracking and tracing, as well as enabling In-Process Verification.

The productivity benefits stack up

The potential gains from automating the material and data flow in your tire plant are vast:

  • Increase your output 100% availability of raw materials, components and tires at each process step
  • Invest less capital in intralogistics through optimized layout design and simplified material flow
  • Ensure full traceability for each and every tire
  • Secure cost savings by minimizing scrap, bottlenecks, WIP and inventory
  • Achieve maximum speed, efficiency and accuracy through automation
  • Improve production flexibility
  • Optimize use of space: production requires half the space of conventional solutions
  • Raise quality through gentle handling
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with fast, error-free picking and shipping

Brand new or legacy tire plant

It doesn’t matter whether your factory is brand-new or an existing tire plant –with its modular and scalable design, Dream Factory can streamline operations in both greenfields and brownfields. Invest in a complete solution, or automate your processes one by one: the choice is yours.

Tips for legacy tire plants: check out our White Paper entitled ‘How to stay competitive with your tire factory‘.

How to stay competitive with tire factory

Proven automation

We can digitize and automate your processes with our proven Dream Factory solution. By seamlessly integrating advanced robotic technologies, versatile material handling systems and powerful software, we provide turnkey, end-to-end automation solutions with precise, real-time control. Cimcorp Dream Factory allows you to do more with less.

Be smart with sustainability

On the journey to net-zero, the number of SKUs is rising. Combined with the traceability demands of sustainable sourcing, increasing complexity in tire production is driving digitalization and automation. Tire manufacturers are investing in smart factories to future-proof their operations. Read more

Strategic partner for tire plants

With global resources, we are committed to building long-standing, strategic partnerships with our customers. Over almost 50 years, we’ve delivered automation for seven of the world’s top ten tire manufacturers.

Learn more about our tailored solutions for Sentury, and Tigar Tyres by downloading our case studies.

Lifetime support

As well as the design and delivery of advanced intralogistics solutions, we provide comprehensive after-sales support.

Our Success Services help to ensure maximum uptime in your facility through on-site or remote engineers and our 24/7 help desk, while our upgrade services, lifecycle consulting and certified spare parts all contribute to a potential lifecycle of 20 years or more for your automation.

With a single point of contact for our customers, we’re here for you.

Let’s talk about how we can boost your tire plant’s productivity!

Looking to boost your tire facility's productivity and automate your processes? Our team is here to help you maximize your tire plant's potential and achieve your production goals. Contact us today to discuss the solutions of automation and the benefits that Cimcorp can bring to your legacy tire plant. Let's work together to make your dreams come true!

Looking to boost your facility’s productivity and automate your processes? Our team is here to help you maximize your tire plant’s potential and achieve your production goals. Contact us today to discuss the solutions of automation and the benefits that Cimcorp can bring to your legacy tire plant. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true!

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