Leading Cimcorpers to the next level


One of Tero’s core tasks is to lead the company to the next level, together with all Cimcorpers and in collaboration with our owner, Murata Machinery. His focus also includes strengthening the customer-oriented development of Cimcorp and preparing the next generation of leadership. Tero is a long-time Cimcorper with experience of various positions from engineering to sales and operations. His aim is to be a good and fair leader for all Cimcorpers.

In his free time, Tero enjoys barbecuing at his family’s summer cottage by the lake. His ways to relax include collecting and preparing firewood and walking in the forest with the family dog.

Customer-oriented adventurer

VP, Corporate Sales

Kai is responsible for the global sales of Cimcorp Group. His focus is on both the tire and warehouse & distribution industries, as well as on Cimcorp’s business development. Kai emphasizes the importance of listening to customers and having a customer-oriented mindset. His strength lies in his ability to understand Cimcorp’s functions widely as he has years of experience working in several departments, from engineering to project management and sales. According to Kai, his journey has been exciting and he really enjoys the Cimcorp spirit.

Outside of work, Kai is an outdoor man. His hobbies include hunting and fishing – when the sea is free of ice, he goes fishing and when the sea is frozen, he goes hunting.

Delivering successful services

VP, Corporate Customer Support

As VP, Corporate Customer Support, Ilpo is responsible for Cimcorp Group’s Success Services – uptime and upgrade services, lifecycle consulting and certified spare parts. He has a strong vision for supporting our customers, based on long experience in various positions within Cimcorp. Ilpo leads his team with a focus on keeping customers’ operations running smoothly and helping to secure productivity for the chosen automation technology.

Throughout the year, Ilpo spends most of his spare time at his family’s summer cottage by the lake. With nature always changing, he really enjoys the different seasons and the possibilities for outdoor activity that each one brings.

Enthusiastic global collaborator

VP, Corporate Marketing and Communications

Maarit is responsible for brand leadership, marketing and communications strategies, as well as the development of these areas. She leads Cimcorp’s marketing and communications in an ever more global and transparent direction. She believes strongly in team-focused progress, and that clear targets are achieved together.

Maarit enjoys walking in the forest, travelling, listening to music and watching TV series in her free time. During the summer, boating at the seaside is her way to relax.

Ambassador for one Cimcorp

Corporate CFO

As Corporate CFO of Cimcorp Group, Tommi is responsible for the company’s finance, risk management & legal and IT departments. One of his core tasks is to concentrate on strong corporate-level process development within his responsibility areas. During his years at Cimcorp, Tommi has played an important and valuable role not only in process development, but also in reporting and supporting subsidiaries and different departments internally. He believes strongly in one Cimcorp and the Cimcorp spirit.

In his spare time, Tommi enjoys various kinds of outdoor activities with his family. He is also heavily involved in his children’s hobbies.

Creating success with people

VP, Corporate HR

Maaret is responsible for Cimcorp Group’s human resources globally and leads corporate HR with a focus on the development and professional growth of Cimcorpers. She is convinced that people are at the core of a successful business. Maaret’s comprehensive experience covers both in-house HR roles in Finland and abroad and HR consultancy. Her core competencies are business-driven strategic HR, leadership & talent development, HRD in general, talent attraction and HR process development in both domestic and global contexts. Her HR approach can be described as a combination of strategic and operational activities.

Outside of work, Maaret likes spending time with her family and taking long walks with her dog. She also enjoys traveling, reading biographies and mentoring students.

Modern intralogistics developer

Executive Vice President

As VP, Solutions and Technology, Veli-Matti is responsible for Cimcorp Group’s solution management, technology development and sourcing. As his career at Cimcorp began in sales, he is an intralogistics professional with a passion for solving customers’ daily challenges in a rapidly changing global business environment. Through an extensive career in customer-focused projects and by emphasizing global strategies, Veli-Matti has brought modern techniques into the work of our Executive Management.

Outside of work, Veli-Matti enjoys being outdoors. Fly fishing is his way to relax. During the winter, he also enjoys downhill skiing with his family.