Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind? That is what we offer at Cimcorp Group through intelligent automation solutions for intralogistics. An agile mindset and innovative approach have led our rapid growth from our northern roots across the globe in less than fifty years. 

Our mindset is to enable your business to turn into a more profitable entity and we want to join you on your journey as a long-term partner. As well as being a system integrator for intralogistics automation, we manufacture and offer a full range of automation solutions together with services to help you to increase your profits. The suppliers comply with our stringent quality standards and parts are precision-made for our equipment.

Sustainability and responsibility

One of our mandates is to be the best partner for our customers. As a Group, we want to do business responsibly regardless of location. This means actions such as protecting human rights, adhering to ethical business practices, taking responsibility for all of the environmental impact of a business, extending responsibility to the supply chain, and promoting transparency.

Grocery retail and fast moving consumer goods 

No matter if we’re talking about warehousing or automated storage and retrieval systems, our state-of-the-art and robust grocery retail solutions are designed to meet current distribution demands, including shorter lead times, SKU proliferation and challenging seasonal peaks amid labor shortages.

From bulk raw materials to the highway

Cimcorp Dream Factory is a comprehensive and optimal solution for tire manufacturing, handling automated areas and the entire material flow of your tire plant. You can take individual modules in the Dream Factory and piece them together to create innovative automation. Insert new modules or reposition existing ones – and tighten how they work together using software.

Automation loves intelligence loves automation

Intelligence is fundamental to automation. Data, intelligence and robotics comprise a perfect formula in which each adds value to the whole. The connectivity of all the elements in a facility is vital; picking, sorting, analysis, and anticipation.

Globally local – close to you

Our goal is to be easily approachable and there, in your daily life, when needed. Cimcorp’s global branches offer local support with an international foundation to lean on. To strengthen our branches, we have a trusted Certified Partner Network for providing services and sales activities.

A group of team players

Cimcorpers form a global super force of automation professionals in various fields. We are specialists in QHSE, engineering, software, warehousing, intralogistics, finance and sales, to mention just a few. Join the Cimcorpers and be on the front line of change in the world of automation!

Our heritage

Early 1970s Cimcorpers worked at Rosenlew Automation Inc. After a couple of years, they began to study the utilization of automation and robotics in their own factories. The first project officially started in the mid-seventies in the town of Ulvila in Western Finland. Some of these early Cimcorpers still work with us newer additions, building the future together.

Spreading the roots

The Japanese family-owned company Murata Machinery, Ltd. purchased Cimcorp and its subsidiaries in 2014. Cimcorp Group retained its own brand and solutions, but together we strive to expand the boundaries of technological advancement to provide meaningful solutions for intralogistics automation customers.

Muratec, with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, has grown in several business domains in logistics automation after starting operations in 1935. Our parent company consistently ranks in the Top5 Materials handling system suppliers list year after year, amongst the world’s leading logistics solution providers. Being part of Muratec widens our range of products and services even further, allowing us to offer better options for intralogistics and automation solutions.