Cimcorp Iberia is our branch located in Madrid, with a strong and visible Spanish identity. Our skilled Cimcorpers provide local support to sales, projects and customer support in Spanish and in English. One of the main strengths in our local branches is the extensive knowledge of these regional territories, markets and customers. Currently our Iberian branch holds professionals in administration and technical experts specialized in software and programmable logic controlling.

“We aim to serve our customers better with local and skilled resources and to know the territory, markets and customers in order to grow in a sustainable way.”

Jarkko Hakkarainen, Head of Operations, Cimcorp Iberia

Contact information
Madrid, Spain Office

Cimcorp Iberia S.L.
Calle María de Molina 54, Planta 5 
28006 Madrid, Spain 
Phone: +34 691 540 014 

Cimcorp Iberia

Mr. Jarkko Hakkarainen
General Manager
TEL  +34 691 574 816

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