Cimcorp's finished tire area in shipping

Cimcorp Dream Factory receives finished tires from the curing presses, then buffers and sorts them for testing and palletization in the required load formats. The system allows continuous curing press unloading, and changes in the production mix while maintaining unstoppable control of material flow.

Automatic, versatile storage and fluid order management

Fully automated pallet and cage loading is an integral part of Cimcorp’s Dream Factory. A gantry robot sorts finished tires arriving from the testing area into stacks on the floor. Tires are then identified and stacked according to type and grade. When there are sufficient tires of one type for a pallet load, the robot loads them onto a pallet or into a cage.

Cimcorp also offers systems for automatic palletization of finished tires, whether they are loaded horizontally, vertically, or in a rick-rack (also called diagonal or fish-bone) pattern on pallets or in cages.

Dynamic use of space

The layout of the plant is always optimized to suit current and upcoming needs. There are no inherent restrictions.

Equipment and solutions in the FT area

High-density high-bay warehouse, mobile robots, conveyors, and gantry buffers combined with software handles the order management effortlessly and automatically.

Total control throughout the facility

Our software manages the material flow and storage, maintaining e.g. product tracking and FIFO inventory protocol throughout.

Tire Technology Expo 2023

On March 21–23 it’s time to meet face-to-face! Come and join us in Hannover, Germany. We’re located in Hall 21, booth #9060.

Cimcorp has developed its own software for tire plants and it’s leveraging data to improve the complete flow in tire manufacturing.

Tire warehousing can be tiresome and time-consuming – at least when it’s manual

Gain true efficiency by investing in a fully automated process from finished tire palletizing to shipping. Our high-bay warehouse provides great storage density for better space utilization. Secure your dispatch process with Cimcorp’s cross-industry warehousing experience and fully integrated software.

Warehousing and shipping through order management

Shipping is the direct link to the market, and therefore the response to the demand has to be accurate and fast. Finished tires from production or warehouse, possibly mixed with finished goods arriving from other plants, must be picked and delivered according to customer orders and on time.

Automation of the finished tire warehouse enables high-density storage while automating tire packing eliminates manual handling, which is one of the highest costs of entire fulfillment.

Automating the vehicle-loading process not only ensures enhanced accuracy and route-optimized loads but can also cut loading time by two-thirds.

Several integrators and system providers with hundreds of devices?

Enjoy peace of mind by selecting one-stop-shop system integrator! We take your customer’s order and our solution handles everything. You don’t have to worry about dispatching tires on time or searching for a particular tire type in your warehouse. It’ll be a breeze with our robots and software working in harmony.