Dairy order fulfillment automation solution for intalogistics by Cimcorp

The dairy industry is a complex and fast-paced industry, with many assorted products that need to be delivered fresh to the market all year round. To meet the demands of this industry, it’s essential to consider automating dairy fulfillment facilities.

8 ways to secure dairy readiness for rapid order fulfillment

Automated solutions that optimize
your dairy order fulfillment network

One of the key benefits of our solutions in the dairy industry is the ability to achieve high service levels and improved customer satisfaction.

The system achieves our objectives of faster picking, accuracy and reliability enabling us to give our customers excellent standards of service.

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Kroger Mountain View Foods

With regular, timed deliveries of fresh dairy products, speed and precision are essential. Cimcorp’s solutions allow for faster, more exact deliveries, giving your dairy business a competitive edge.

Dairies have leveraged with Cimcorp’s automated dairy solution to optimize fulfillment, including Synlait, Kroger Mountain Foods, Arla Foods and Valio.

Eliminate risk factors with
order picking solution

Automating logistics can also improve the health and safety of employees. Automation eliminates the need for manual lifting, reducing the risk of injuries.

Hygiene is a major factor in the dairy industry. Our automation enables storage to take place on the floor, without the need for racking, making it easier to clean and keep superior hygiene standards.

In the dairy market, there’s no room for error, as the goods do not remain fresh for long. Today, our delivery accuracy is 97–98% and we’re working towards our goal of 99%.

Arla Foods
Dairy facility automation by Cimcorp
Dairy facility automation by Cimcorp
Dairy buffer gantry robot order fulfillment solution with automation by Cimcorp
Dairy buffer gantry robot order fulfillment solution with automation by Cimcorp

Versatile dairy order fulfillment solution suitable for any facility and need

Our automatic order-picking systems are highly effective solutions for automating full-crate handling and are ideally suited for the distribution networks of large grocery retailers to handle fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy products. Additionally, the solution enables goods to be transported to supermarkets without the need for any further processing.

Human intervention is limited to operations supervision, orders release (although this may also be automated), order picking sequence selection, transport planning, product shortage management and storage emptying for cleaning or maintenance.

The speed and precision offered through automated materials handling will help us streamline operations and maximize the freshness of our new liquid milk products. It will also improve the health and safety of our people, as staff will not be required in cold storage areas for long periods of time. We’ll have a modern facility ready to meet the modern demands of today’s food supply chain.

Neil Betteridge, Director Operations, Synlait

Our solutions for dairy order fulfillment are based on gantry-type robots

They accurately and rapidly prepare orders for the retail stores, enabling Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries within tight windows.

The gantry robotic solution combines buffer storage and order-picking functions into one flexible operation that handles large volumes with ease.

Robotic technology can be applied as a fully integrated, automated handling system; as an ‘island’ of automation within a predominantly manual facility or in addition to other storage and picking areas.

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