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A new order picking system for breweries and dairies

Nov 04, 2005 Cimcorp Headquarter
General Brewery Dairy

MultiPick®, developed for the order picking of products delivered in plastic crates, has recently been joined by the super-efficient MultiPick® Dolly.

The system, which has proved very beneficial, is based on gantry robotics and gripper technology and can handle dollies and 1/4 pallets in the beverage industry as smoothly as dairy roll-in containers.

This innovation makes the order picking of dollies, 1/4 pallets and roll-in containers even more efficient than before. The system operates with minimal labour costs, since the use of MultiPick Dolly requires only one operator in the control room to keep a watchful eye on the order picking operations. The transfer of picked products onto delivery vehicles is for example taken care of by forklift drivers or loaders.

However, the most highly desired cost-effective feature of automated dolly picking is that the system does not restrict the number of items to be handled. The floor space under the robot can in fact be used very flexibly depending on different volumes and item variation.

The system saves significantly on space, because it functions simultaneously as both a warehouse and an order picking system. This kind of storage space is also easier to keep clean, because the warehouse can easily be emptied automatically in order to wash the floor.