Cimcorp summer jobs offer you a chance to grow and learn in our international business environment supported by the professional Cimcorpers. If you are looking for work experience in robotics or the automation industry, and are a proactive, and hands-on, this could be your place to develop your work-skills. Our summer trainee positions vary from assembly to different office work, including engineering, software, automation, human resources tasks and roles in other functions.

We will provide induction training and support you to be able to perform well in your job, and in doing so, advance your career at its very start. Also we hope that you will have fun with us, since we work with robots but in a humane way!

Summer recruitment open at Cimcorp Ulvila! Apply now!
Summer recruitment open at Cimcorp Ulvila! Apply now!
Cimcorpers C Campaign collage
Cimcorpers C Campaign collage

Our expectations for your skills as a summer trainee

We expect you to have progressed in your relevant field of studies, and for some of the positions, to have some practical work experience. Even though the content of the different summer jobs may vary a lot, a professional and proactive approach to work and willingness to learn are highly appreciated in all the positions we offer.

Cimcorpers in C campaign collage
Cimcorpers in C campaign collage

Different lengths for Cimcorp summer jobs

Our summer jobs will be available for a period of 1 to 4 months. We will provide the required induction training and support for you to be able to perform well in your job, and in doing so, advance your career at its very start.

How is it to work at Cimcorp? Learn it from previous years’ summer job trainees

We have had several dozens of summer trainees getting to know the Cimcorp culture. Our trainees work from three to four months in different departments, for example in assembly, engineering, and marketing and communications, gaining insightful experience of a global business environment to support their fields of study.

I was able to work surprisingly independently and turn ideas into reality.

Cimcorp’s work culture is clearly solution oriented. In problematic situations people will find the solution to the problem, not a person to take responsibility.

This is a job where you can go forward career-wise and have the possibility to travel.

As I’m interested in robotics and electrical work I applied to Cimcorp. I learned a lot of practical things, which consolidated the knowledge I learned in high school and also at home.

I learned that IT is not my thing. This was the first time that I used learned skills in real work environment. Now I’m sure that I’ll finish school and then find another field to study.

Nice work environment with a free and relaxed atmosphere!

The heart of Cimcorp – Our Cimcorpers

Want to have a bit of fun?

Play our game and find out how Architect of Intralogistics you’re!

Dive into the world of Cimcorp

We operate person-to-person, appreciate openness and a no-nonsense attitude. We are community-oriented, everyone is different and we embrace diversity. That’s what makes our teams stronger.

We are passionate experts with our feet on the ground. We challenge ourselves, our customers and our solutions but never lose our sense of humor. We are not robots, even though we work with them.