Sometimes, it is not only the content of the job, but the environment in which you work and the possibilities it offers that count. For Juha, international setting and possibility continuous learning determined his future employer.

For the love of technology

Juha has always been interested in computers and technology. Because of this, he decided to study digital information technology at university level. Regardless of its unpopularity at the time, Juha never allowed himself to regret the decision. “Our teacher specifically told us that if we ever wanted to get recruited, we were in the wrong field.” As it turns out, Juha made the right decision as programming is the new “hit” job.

Tempted by traveling and teamwork

After graduation, he was offered a job right away. “I had already accepted another job in Tampere, when Cimcorp called and offered me a job.” Although the position in Tampere had a lot of potential, Cimcorp was closer to home and offered Juha an opportunity to work at a valued employer in the Pori area. Juha says, “The deal breaker was that my first project would be in Australia, which was too exciting to turn down.”

To this day, Juha still reminisces about his time spent in Australia. “It was a life changing experience. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to visit Australia multiple times through my job and witness the changes and growth within the country.”

In his job, Juha is motivated by the intangible things that don’t have a price tag. “Having great colleagues that I work closely with on projects and having an engaging job is priceless.”

Our customers have such different lifestyles and cultures, which I enjoy learning about because it makes you appreciate life more.

Learning from colleagues and customers

Over the years working at Cimcorp, Juha has found that learning itself is a two-way street. “Although we teach our new employees about Cimcorp’s solutions and the company’s expertize, there is so much we can learn from them, such as fresh ideas and the latest industry knowledge.” According to Juha pride kills all learning. “If we want to improve we must also listen and understand our customers’ feedback. They often come up with great development ideas, so even if we are there to educate them, we need to realize that they can also educate us. After all, they are the ones living with the solution.”

Juha explains that working with customers is one of the best parts of the job. “Despite the occasional language barriers, we always manage to understand each other one way or another. Body language goes a long way.”

Juha, Senior Software Engineer

Grow, flow and glow

At Cimcorp we don’t fill vacancies; we solve our clients’ business challenges by sourcing the best people with the right mix of skills, experience and attitude.

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