Sari has worked with almost everything related to software including physically cleaning the computer premises to being the Chief Information Officer. She first stumbled upon a computer when they were not so common. Her dad worked in the industry and taught her how to program, and the ever-growing interest in learning and investigating further was awoken.

At Cimcorp, Sari works in the software team as Manager of Continuous Improvement and Software Processes. This long title involves process updates and clarification, version controls, test automation, data analysis and a lot of development work.

“I try to understand the current situation and needs, I listen to others and talk with them. After all, developing anything has a lot to gain from gathering information and motivating others.”

Sari hasn’t been a Cimcorper for long but she has already built a solid base to make the processes even better and meet the latest standards.

Remarkable professional with a wide range of degrees

Sari has never stopped studying. Her first official degree, and probably the only one that she did not complete while working, was a Master of Science from the University of Turku in Computer Science.

“After my first studies, I thought that it would be nice to interact more with people, not just with machines. Nowadays, making software is also very much about dealing with other people; before not so much.”

A few years later, she graduated with a Licentiate degree in Computer Science and then a PhD in Software Systems. All of these while working in development, quality and then as CIO.

Most recently, she has been studying machine learning and data analytics in MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).

“I remember when the kids were young my daughter asked, why do our parents have jobs that can’t be explained to anyone. It would be easier if you were a shop assistant or someone with a simpler job to explain.”

Healthy lifestyle keeps her sharp and motivated

In her free time, she volunteers for the Red Cross as a multicultural and humanitarian law trainer. She also plays oboe, flute, and piccolo in the Volunteer Fire Brigade Band. She also works out at least four times a week and eats healthily to keep her brain bright and sharp. Being this active isn’t odd for her.

“I am math-physics-chemistry-oriented, logical thinking and algorithms are easy for me to understand. For example, I made a matrix calculus for fun while I studied machine learning. I’m probably a little peculiar in that way.”

Positive attitude and a strong team

She has been following Cimcorp for a while through various channels; at some point she searched LinkedIn to see what kind of titles there were at Cimcorp and what could be possible for her future.

“I contacted the Software Director and suddenly we found a common interest in development. That was when I knew I wanted to come to work at Cimcorp.”

Now she works with different teams on developing processes. Goals are important not only to her, but also to the team so that everyone understands where they are going, so that everyone is working in the same direction.

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Grow, flow and glow

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