Ville gets to combine a positive atmosphere with interesting and varied workdays in his role as Electrical Engineer. A meticulous professional, he double-checks the details to avoid future problems and likes to challenge himself both physically and mentally.

“I was really keen to study electrical engineering because it seemed challenging, but also because electricity itself is interesting; it enables so many things in the modern world,” Ville explains.

Ville has been a Cimcorper since 2019. After starting as a summer trainee, he completed his thesis work and then joined the electrical engineering team as a full-time automation professional.

“I applied to Cimcorp because I recognized a positive, global culture with possibilities to grow professionally. For me it is essential that the work is interesting and the atmosphere is happy; at Cimcorp both of these are true,” he says.

Powering up

Electricity is fundamental in making a solution run smoothly. It enables Cimcorp’s solutions to function and fulfill customers’ needs. The technology behind electrical work is constantly developing, with new components and possibilities appearing frequently.

Explaining why he enjoys his work, Ville says, “It may come as a surprise but electrical engineering is a modern discipline – the technology and applications are constantly developing. We want to utilize state-of-the-art components and technologies to provide the latest solutions. It wouldn’t be possible to do what we do with technology from the eighties, for example.”

His work consists of electrical and automation control engineering, as well as some research and development. His team plans and develops all the electrical cabinets and connections within the overall solution to ensure the desired functionality.

“My work challenges me because it is so diverse. Each project is different,” says Ville. “The size of the solution determines a lot: how many Cimcorpers will work on the project, how long it will take and so on. The solution concept can be quite standard but the details will vary and that makes the solution customized,” he continues.

Attention to detail pays dividends

The work requires high attention to detail; engineers don’t want to make any errors in the planning phase, because this means more work in the installation phase.

“I personally like to double-check everything to avoid any potential problems,” Ville says.

A professional electrical engineer – especially in the automation field – will be meticulous, knowing the essentials but being willing to learn more and update their existing knowledge. He or she will also have strong communication skills.

“We work together with various teams to reach the best possible solution – for example, with the project management, software and mechanical engineering departments,” Ville explains. “Good collaboration also requires strong communication.”

Ville, Electrical Engineer

Grow, flow and glow

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