Alimerka, a supermarket chain in northern Spain, aimed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its logistics center. In partnership with Cimcorp, a global provider of automation solutions, they implemented an advanced robotic system to optimize their operations. Cimcorp has helped modernize Alimerka’s logistics center, improving productivity, safety, and sustainability.

Alimerka, a prominent Spanish supermarket chain, offers quality products and exceptional service in northern Spain. Recognized for its commitment to sustainability, it provides a reliable shopping experience for customers.

Alimerka's DC - Juan Carlos Suarez and Ivan Previa

Cimcorp’s solution helped us reduce cardboard usage and become more sustainable.

Iván Pravia, Head of Technical Office at Alimerka


The adoption of automated technologies in the supply chain can help reduce resource wastage and minimize environmental impact. By optimizing storage and distribution processes, packaging waste and transportation times can be reduced, thus contributing to environmental conservation and carbon emissions reduction. Alimerka was enhancing processes to optimize its logistics center.

It significantly changed our way of working, moving from nearly 100% manual preparation to highly automated preparation. This has involved an improvement in the training qualification of staff dedicated to these tasks, as well as specialization and improvement in staff motivation

Juan Carlos Suárez Fueyo, Logistics and Transport Director of the chain


Alimerka chose Cimcorp for its proven expertise and ability to meet its specific needs.

The implementation of Cimcorp allowed us to optimize our production processes and implement ergonomic improvements.”

Iván Pravia, Head of Technical Office at Alimerka


Alimerka’s goal was clear: to automate processes in its warehouses to enable sustainable growth, optimization of production processes, and improvements in ergonomics and occupational safety. Pravia emphasizes: “The basic idea is to be more efficient, and automation is the key to achieving it.”

The automation of Alimerka’s logistics center has generated significant results. Pravia highlighted: “Cimcorp’s solution helped us reduce cardboard usage and become more sustainable.” Furthermore, he noted that they have reduced workplace accidents and improved operational efficiency.


The partnership with Cimcorp has brought multiple benefits to Alimerka. Suárez stated: “Automated processes have helped us become more efficient, and ergonomically, we have gained a lot.” Additionally, the collaboration reflects Alimerka’s commitment to sustainability, with initiatives such as investing in fleets of electric trucks.

The transformation of Alimerka’s logistics center with Cimcorp automation has been a success. By improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of its operations, Alimerka is positioned to continue growing and leading the way in the food logistics industry.

Alimerka not only seeks operational efficiency but also has a strong commitment to sustainability. “Sustainability is one of our strongest values,” says Iván Pravia. “We work every day to improve our processes to be more sustainable and to transmit that commitment to our customers.”

Collaboration with Cimcorp

Proven experience: Alimerka chose to work with Cimcorp due to its proven expertise and ability to meet the specific needs of the supermarket chain.

Results and benefits: After implementation, Alimerka experienced significant results, including cardboard reduction and improvements in sustainability, reduction in workplace accidents, and improved operational efficiency.

Commitment to sustainability: Alimerka demonstrates a clear commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by its investment in fleets of electric trucks and other initiatives.

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