Edeka Freienbrink is delivering fresh produce quickly and efficiently to its 488 stores around Berlin and Brandenburg, within as little as 4-5 hours of receiving the order. This required overcoming picking errors, delays, physically demanding tasks, and ensuring that the produce reached the stores on time while maintaining its quality and safety.

Edeka Freienbrink turned to Cimcorp Group, a pioneer in automated material handling solutions for the distribution of fresh food. Cimcorp’s system efficiently handles heavy lifting, order picking, and distribution of fresh produce, minimizing errors and ensuring timely deliveries.

Edeka Freienbrink is part of Edeka Minden-Hannover, which is one of the seven regional companies within Edeka Group, the largest German supermarket chain.

Download the case study of Edeka’s Freienbrink distribution center and its partnership with Cimcorp Group to modernize its fresh produce intralogistics.

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