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Good automation partnership increases end-customer satisfaction

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Having a trusted automation partner is paramount in the face of a constantly changing operating environment. For nearly two decades, Cimcorp has accompanied Olvi, the Finnish brewery, in its growth and in its numerous milestones. This innovative partnership strengthens Olvi’s competitive edge and contributes to achieving its strategic goals.

Increasing demands for faster deliveries and an expanding product range have heightened frantic activity among beverage manufacturers. In Olvi, market changes and stiff competition lead to constantly evolving demands that are often satisfied with automation.

In 2005, Olvi pioneered the use of an automated order picking system supplied by automation partner Cimcorp. “Automating was a leap into the unknown. There were not many references or benchmarks to follow. It took a lot of courage, but it is clear now that we made the right choice”, says Timo Miettinen, Olvi’s Logistics Manager.

A reliable automation partner for growth

Originally designed for crates, the picking system was soon replaced by modern beverage trays. When the size of the machines grew along with the business, new needs arose for applying cutting-edge technology.

Cimcorp made a positive impression on us, so naturally we continued our collaboration, Miettinen explains. Since Olvi’s first big leap, automation has been a strategic driver, and Cimcorp has played a central role in implementing the strategy. A high-bay warehouse, robots, conveyors, and a voice picking system are all examples of intelligent automation that has enhanced efficiency and flexibility in operations. Cimcorp’s Warehouse Control Software (WCS) covers the entire intralogistics at the distribution center and operates seamlessly with the sales system.

Whether launching brand-new products or mapping alternative picking methods, Cimcorp has contributed to the development of change through innovation. Cimcorp has helped us grow, sums up Ilkka Heikkilä, Olvi’s Logistics Supervisor.

Ilkka Heikkilä, Logistics Supervisor at Olvi Brewery has worked together with Cimcorp, an automation partner, for years.
Ilkka Heikkilä, Logistics Supervisor at Olvi Brewery has worked together with Cimcorp, an automation partner, for years.

Inspiration from end-customer experience

As a back-office automation operator, Cimcorp is largely invisible to Olvi’s customers. However, their satisfaction is what determines whether the partnership is a success. Our mission is to provide complete reliability during peak and off-peak seasons. Our customers can clearly see and feel a tangible benefit here: are the shelves empty or full?

With regards to reliability, Cimcorp has proven results in serving both Olvi and its customers. Production has always run at maximum capacity or beyond. As a pleasant surprise, we have always achieved a little more than we expected. Heikkilä says that not only have we met but exceeded our capacity targets.

  Olvi Brewery's KEG handling

  Olvi Brewery’s KEG handling

Olvi Brewery's Dolly picking  

Olvi Brewery’s Dolly picking  

Innovative collaboration in every form and size

Positive experiences have nourished the partnership and fostered innovative development. When a new demand arises, Olvi’s experts turn to Cimcorp’s automation team for assistance.

Having recently redesigned the existing order picking system so it can handle kegs exemplifies our innovative cross-company collaboration. Initially, it seemed too complex to handle round shapes. We brainstormed together, looked at what we had, what was already invented, and which features could be developed further, Miettinen describes.

Cross-industry expertise benefits automation partnership

Cimcorp’s automation partnering expertise in the tire industry proved pivotal. Together, the companies benchmarked tire and gas bottle handling and developed a successful solution.

We had a mutually successful case!

Cimcorp has been Olvi Brewery’s strategic automation partner for two decades.

Creativity thrives when people work together

Timo Miettinen values good service and direct contact with Cimcorpers who help to find the answers as soon as possible without a doubt. It saves time when you know who to contact for more detailed technical questions. He identifies another success factor that creates genuine value for them: employee retention.

Being able to communicate with the same experts from year to year is a huge advantage. When you know and trust the people you are talking to, it is easy to bring up brand-new ideas.

Automation partner Cimcorp has worked with Olvi for two decades
Highbay warehouse for beverages at Olvi brewery in Iisalmi, Finland, interview of Timo Hortling, development manager 2014.

Olvi’s journey with Cimcorp – an automation partner for intralogistics

May 2005

New order picking system into operation at Olvi

Cimcorp’s MultiPick robots handle now the order picking of drinks delivered both in plastic crates and in dollies at Olvi’s brewery in Iisalmi, Finland.
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July 2013

Cimcorp to automate the warehouse of Olvi brewery

Finnish beverage company, Olvi Oyj, has commissioned Cimcorp to design and implement an extensive automation system to boost the efficiency of its dispatch operations.
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Nov 2013

Increased capacity and boosted efficiency

Olvi plc, a Finnish beverage company, has commissioned Cimcorp to design and implement an extensive automation system to boost efficiency of their dispatch operations
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Nov 2014

Millions of liters of success

The Finnish brewery Olvi in Iisalmi produces around 160 million liters of beverages a year, mainly for the domestic market. Last summer, a new high-bay warehouse with over 13,000 pallet places plus automation systems was brought on stream, raising the storage and delivery capacity of the traditional brewery and lowering costs.
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Oct 2018

Cimcorp provides a new order picking system and keg gripper for Olvi Brewery

The Finnish brewery has ordered a new dolly picking system and modified solution for keg handling for its headquarters in Iisalmi, Finland.

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Apr 2019

Olvi Brewery – Refreshed with automation

Since its founding in 1878, the Finnish brewery has overcome many changes, including the diversification of product ranges, new packaging and production growth. For dispatch automation, Cimcorp is its trusted partner with a proven track record.
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Jan 2021

Case study – More control through an end-to-end solution

Olvi operates in the brewing industry, which is subject to constant change, including diversification in products and packaging. As a result, the Finnish brewery has seen its number of SKUs multiply in recent decades. This, combined with drastic seasonal changes, puts more pressure on Olvi’s production, warehousing and distribution operations.
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March 2022

Warehouse control system from Cimcorp takes Olvi’s internal logistics to the next level

Cimcorp’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) optimizes inventory flows and improves warehouse efficiency. The Finnish beverage and brewing company Olvi, founded in 1878, relies on Cimcorp’s WCS to handle all intralogistics within its distribution center.
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