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Cimcorp to automate the warehouse of Olvi brewery

Jul 30, 2013 Cimcorp Headquarter

Finnish beverage company, Olvi Oyj, has commissioned Cimcorp to design and implement an extensive automation system to boost the efficiency of its dispatch operations.

Olvi – which manufactures beers, ciders, long drinks and soft drinks including Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and HeviSaurus brands – is investing in new warehouse technology to increase its storage capacity and order picking efficiency. Olvi has awarded Cimcorp the contract to supply the high-bay warehouse, conveyor systems and order picking systems. Cimcorp’s MultiPick robots will automatically pick all drinks shipped on trays, while the manual picking operations will be voice-controlled. 

The whole dispatch area – warehousing, material flow and order picking – will be managed by Cimcorp’s WCS (Warehouse Control System), which will supervise goods from the production lines to the loading bays. The site’s existing order picking robots, installed by Cimcorp some years ago, will be integrated into the system and controlled by the same software. 

The automated system, which will start operation during 2014, is based on Cimcorp’s MultiPick order processing concept, taking care of goods reception; put-away; location of stored items; retrieval planning; picking of crates; sorting and preparation of crates into discrete orders; and loading of the orders onto transport units ready for delivery. 

“Our target is to increase warehouse capacity and boost picking efficiency, because we are diversifying our product range in line with our mission to be a versatile beverage company. We are so delighted with the robotic order picking system previously supplied by Cimcorp that we want to continue our co-operation with them,” commented Marjatta Rissanen, Customer Service and Administrative Director of Olvi Oyj. 

Olvi Oyj is a Finnish beverage company that seeks to offer beverage enjoyment and positive experiences for its consumers. Olvi has produced beverages for 134 years in Iisalmi, Finland, and the company also operates locally in Belarus and the Baltic states. Agility, flexibility and a certain “Olviness”, which is appreciated by the stakeholders, are characteristic of the operation of Olvi. 

Cimcorp Oy (www.cimcorp.com) is a Finnish company specializing in material handling and intralogistics automation using robotics and advanced software technologies. The Cimcorp Group – which consists of Cimcorp Oy in Finland and RMT Robotics Ltd in Canada – has become a strong supplier and integrator worldwide in the tyre, food, beverage, retail and postal industries. The group has 270 employees, two-thirds of whom have a degree in Engineering, and has delivered over 2000 robotic systems across five continents. 

For more information, please contact Anssi Kiiski, Sales Manager for Cimcorp Oy, at anssi.kiiski@cimcorp.com

Olvi manufactures under licence soft drinks featuring the global brands Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and HeviSaurus