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Dream Factory: How to gain traction with an end-to-end tire factory solution

Tire industry brownfield dream factory software

Today, tire factories can produce over 500,000 tires a day. For tire manufacturers to supply these huge numbers, tire plants must run at total capacity, which means running with 100% uptime. In addition, they are operating under the major post-pandemic industry disruptions of market shifts, labor shortages and changing plant safety policies.

Therefore many tire manufacturers are looking for new ways to achieve optimal material flow throughout the factory and gain traction against competitors.

According to Veli-Matti Hakala, VP, Solutions & Technology at Cimcorp,

End-to-end automation is the way forward for industry trailblazers determined to stay ahead of the curve.

Four separate production areas under one solution

Tire factories rely on millions of data points, gathered from hundreds of processing machines across four production areas. Every tire undergoes processing in four main production areas in a tire factory, all synchronized to produce a massive number of units daily:

  • Raw material and component manufacturing
  • Green tires
  • Finished tire testing and palletizing
  • Tire warehousing and shipping

This process is not handled by machinery alone but by the joint efforts of workers and factory automation equipment. Intrigued? Take a quick tour with us inside the tire palletizing area.

Each factory utilizes thousands of devices provided by hundreds of suppliers, each with its software interface and millions of data to be transferred. If left without an innovative solution, each production cycle could take months. This is why manufacturers rely on automation solutions to bridge the link between the software and processing machinery,
organize data into a single interface and maximize process traceability.

There is tremendous profitability in connecting data, people, processes and post-processing for manufacturers. Our customers trust us to optimize and automate the different data points and machinery connections from the whole factory under one simplified solution. Our goal is to get our customers more out of less.

Veli-Matti Hakala, VP, Solutions & Technology at Cimcorp

Cimcorp’s Dream Factory

With an end-to-end solution, tire manufacturers can respond to various customer demands faster and more effectively. Intelligent robotics and modular automation solutions give manufacturers complete control of hundreds of machines from one mobile device. Enter the Dream Factory solution developed by Cimcorp.

The Dream Factory solution runs as a single, end-to-end material handling solution and integrates with industry-leading warehousing and material handling systems.

We developed an in-house solution to combine our robots with customers’ processing machines. Instead of dealing with 1.4 million data points from thousands of machines, our customers can monitor the entire plant – from raw material handling to shipping and storage – from one interface.

Veli-Matti Hakala, VP, Solutions & Technology at Cimcorp

Worried about achieving fast ROI? For new facilities, Cimcorp automation can be built gradually through a futuristic modular concept, which installs one line at a time.

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