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2023 in review: navigating automation, safety and sustainability in logistics

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Automating for freshness: a deep dive into January’s focus on food safety and employee ergonomics

In January, the focus was on ensuring food safety within distribution centers, with a spotlight on Cimcorp’s innovative automation solutions tailored for the unique needs of the fresh food industry. From open-floor concepts for cleanliness to segmentation for flexibility, the month emphasized how automation could revolutionize grocery distribution.

In parallel, we highlighted the challenges of manual warehousing jobs and the role of automation in mitigating these challenges. The emphasis was on addressing ergonomic risks and creating a safer and more inclusive work environment.

February: Cimcorp’s automation powers Mercadona’s swift supply chain

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In February, the partnership between Cimcorp and Mercadona took center stage as the companies celebrated the successful launch of their third large logistics center. The facility, located at Parc Sagunt, joined the operational centers in Zaragoza and San Isidro. This strategic collaboration aims to optimize the food supply chain through automation, ensuring the swift delivery of local and seasonal produce from field to store within 24 hours.

Market impact:
• Over 600 of Mercadona’s 1630 supermarkets benefit from Cimcorp’s automated systems, reaching 2 million households.
• Cimcorp’s lean and green automation solutions contribute to sustainable transformation in the food supply chain.

2023 in review. Kwik Trip bakery automation

March: elevating bakery distribution with automation

Cimcorp has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Kwik Trip’s bakery distribution, ensuring freshness and efficiency in its new baking facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The collaboration between Kwik Trip and Cimcorp brought forth a rapid, scalable automated solution catering to the increasing demand for bakery products at over 700 locations daily.

April’s technological leap: CVision AR-Glasses and Edeka Freienbrink’s automation success

As the front-runner in intralogistics automation, we marked a groundbreaking advancement in our Success Services with the launch of CVision Assisted Reality Glasses in April 2023. This innovative addition to Cimcorp’s after-sales service portfolio transforms automation support by enabling real-time virtual assistance through augmented reality (AR).

Edeka Freienbrink – part of Germany’s largest supermarket chain, Edeka Group – joined forces with Cimcorp Group to elevate its fresh food distribution efficiency. With a commitment to delivering fresh produce to 488 stores within 4-5 hours of order receipt, Edeka Freienbrink turned to Cimcorp’s expertise in intralogistics automation.

May’s green revolution: sustainability takes the spotlight in logistics

In May we put sustainability at the forefront of discussions, emphasizing the need for a ‘Green Revolution’ in logistics. The integration of eco-friendly practices is a strategic imperative, aligning businesses with evolving consumer preferences and setting the stage for a more environmentally conscious future. The month’s narratives explored how sustainability could be a cornerstone in shaping the industry’s trajectory.

Cimcorp’s commitment to automation reflects its dedication to helping customers achieve sustainability goals, reduce waste and optimize their supply chain operations for a greener future.

Cimcorp establishes new location in Australia

Expanding horizons: Cimcorp’s journey into the Australian market in June

We announced our expansion into the Australian market with the establishment of a new location. This move underscores Cimcorp’s dedication to serving local customers while contributing to global growth and strategic expansion.

Strategic alliances: Cimcorp and Murata Machinery join forces in July

A strategic alliance was unveiled as Cimcorp North America and Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (Muratec) joined forces to reorganize and enhance their competitiveness in North America. Both renowned for their expertise in logistics automation and integration, this alliance integrates their capabilities across strategic locations in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Grimsby, Canada. The goal is to fortify market presence and operational effectiveness, and deliver exceptional value to stakeholders and customers.

August’s retrofit checklist: modernizing fresh food distribution

In the quest to keep grocery shelves abundantly stocked with fresh produce, dairy and baked goods, the distribution of these perishable items often encounters delays leading to spoilage and customer dissatisfaction. Modernizing the distribution process through automation has become imperative, but adoption has been hindered by the challenges posed by handling fresh and perishable foods. We shared a retrofit checklist in August, emphasizing key considerations when opting for automation solutions tailored for fresh food distribution.

In September we outlined four key trends shaping the future of grocery automation. From speeding up fresh produce distribution to overcoming labor challenges, businesses were adapting to new technologies and exploring creative, cost-saving measures.

2023 in review. Mercadona

Mercadona’s October triumph: a 24-hour journey from field to store with Cimcorp

Mercadona’s collaboration with Cimcorp took center stage in October. The implementation of robotic solutions catapulted the grocery retailer into delivering fresh produce from field to store within 24 hours. The success story showcased the tangible and transformative impact of automation in intralogistics, setting benchmarks for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unlocking profitability in November: exploring ‘Day Zero’ in automation

In November we explored the concept of ‘Day Zero’ in automation, emphasizing its significance in realizing profitability. The article highlighted the critical role of customer support in ensuring that businesses maximize the benefits of automation investments from day one. The month provided nuanced insights into the holistic approach required to harness the full potential of automated systems.

Future of Automation

The future of automation is a topic that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. With advances in technology and the increasing need for efficiency and productivity, automation has become a key driver of growth and innovation across various industries.

Overall, the future looks bright, with exciting new possibilities and opportunities. As a leader in the field of intralogistics automation, Cimcorp’s insights dive into hot topics in the industry and focus on the trends in automation. Read more and subscribe to videos!

December: economic benefits of reusable transport packaging

As the year drew to a close, we delved into the economic benefits of reusable transport packaging. From cost savings through reuse to waste reduction and increased worker safety, the article outlined a compelling case for embracing reusables in various industries. Discussions extended to the long-term advantages of adopting reusable solutions, contributing to a more sustainable and economically viable supply chain.

Navigating the future with sustainable and automated logistics

In 2023, the logistics landscape witnessed a profound transformation, marked by the integration of automation and a growing commitment to sustainability. From futuristic concepts to tangible success stories, the year showcased the industry’s resilience and adaptability. As we enter 2024, the lessons of the previous year provide a roadmap for navigating the dynamic intersection of technology, efficiency and environmental consciousness.

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