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Easy and secure service support – Cimcorp Group launches CVision AR-glasses

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Cimcorp Group, a leading provider of intralogistics automation solutions, is introducing a new product to its Success Services after-sales service range: CVision Assisted Reality-glasses. These glasses provide a revolutionary way for Cimcorp’s team to support customers in real-time, without the need for travel or arranging on-site meetings, to help minimize unplanned downtime.

One of the key benefits of these glasses is the ease of support they provide. With the ability to see the problem firsthand, there is less risk of misunderstanding, making it easier for the Cimcorper to grasp the issue and solve it efficiently.

In addition, the glasses are equipped with a feature that can translate over 100 languages, which helps to break down the language barriers that can often impede communication. They work by voice command and are easy to use in industrial environments, thanks to effective noise-cancelling technology and high impact resistance.

Cimcorp CVision AR glasses
• Assisted reality
• +100 languages
• Cyber secure
• Live video feed
• Noise-cancelling technology
• Add-on heat camera

Say goodbye to misunderstandings – have Cimcorp present whenever you need

Another major advantage of the hands-free CVision AR-glasses is the bidirectional nature of the communication. Not only can the Cimcorper see the live video feed from the site, but they can also add hand-drawn marks to the image to provide further instructions or clarification. This reciprocal transmission of information allows for a higher quality and speed of support, ultimately increasing the overall quality of customer service provided by Cimcorp.

Use heat camera to identify problems

The glasses also offer an enhanced sense of security for the customer. The physical distance between the customer and the Cimcorper is no longer an issue, as the Cimcorper can be virtually present wherever and whenever needed, building even more confidence in Cimcorp’s solution. The glasses are intuitive and easy to use, making it simple for customers to get the support they need.

Furthermore, the CVision AR-glasses feature an add-on heat camera, which helps the Cimcorper to identify problems that may not be visible to the human eye. This will help to increase the first-time-fix rate, saving time and resources for both the customer and Cimcorp.

Cybersecurity in mind – secure connection is assured

CVision technology from Realwear is based on communication by Cisco, a leading networking company. The connection is secure and provides a safe platform for conversation, which is a requirement in the warehousing and grocery retail industries.

In summary, Cimcorp’s CVision AR-glasses represent a major advancement in the field of automation support. They provide a faster, more efficient and more secure way for Cimcorp to support its customers, and ultimately to increase the quality of service.

Gear manufacturer Realwear
Software Cisco

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