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How automation improves supply chain sustainability

General sustainability trends

Supply chain sustainability is increasingly important for both of Cimcorp’s key industries: grocery retail and tire manufacturing. By implementing automation, our customers are able to achieve their sustainability goals and improve their bottom line.

Maximizing energy efficiency

Our gantry robots use minimal energy while maintaining optimal performance. Each robot is crafted from aluminum, resulting in a lightweight yet durable structure that enables swift acceleration and maximizes handling capacity in the distribution center. The aluminum is fully recyclable material without loss of quality, which significantly increases the systems end-of-life value.  

Regenerative braking

With the ability to carry multiple crates simultaneously, our innovative crate solutions can support up to 250 kilograms (550 lbs) at a time, with stacks up to 2.5 meters (8 ft) high. You can move and handle high volumes with ease and speed!

Our gantry robots maximize power efficiency by recycling braking energy and returning it to the power grid – very much like EV vehicles do today! These robots can recover up to 30% of their energy output! This eco-friendly feature makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Optimizing transportation results in a greener supply chain

Our Warehouse Control System helps organize logistics and streamline the overall supply chain in a more sustainable way. By optimizing the loading of delivery vehicles, we can utilize the space more efficiently, leading to fuller trucks and therefore fewer trucks. This means less pollution from exhaust fumes and fewer kilometers being driven resulting in a more sustainable supply chain.

Less food waste with extended shelf life

By optimizing material handling, customers can double the speed at which produce moves from the fields to store shelves. We have helped customers around the world accelerate their order fulfillment. For example, Spain’s largest grocery retailer, Mercadona is able to move produce to stores in less than 24 hours with our automated grocery order fulfillment solution.

By implementing automation, our customers are able to extend the shelf life of their products. This prevents spoilage and strengthens the sustainability of the food supply chain.  

Minimize material waste with automation

Our Warehouse Control System allows tire manufacturers to streamline their operations by minimizing intermediate storage and eliminating unnecessary waste due to aging out or wrong orders, saving time and money. Should any disruptions occur during the manufacturing process, our system allows for complete traceability of all individual tire components, making it easy to identify and address any issues without scrapping the entire inventory.

Say goodbye to wasted inventory and hello to a more efficient cost-effective production process with our WCS.

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Sustainable crates

Many modern grocers have embraced the use of reusable plastic crates (RPCs), which can withstand thousands of uses, and have replaced traditional cardboard boxes as the go-to method of transporting farm-fresh produce to store shelves. Thanks to their extended lifespan, RPCs can be utilized repeatedly from the field all the way to the warehouse making them an excellent investment for a greener tomorrow.

Cimcorp's automation solutions improve supply chain sustainability.
Cimcorp’s automation solutions improve supply chain sustainability.
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