Shipping is the direct link to the market, so response to demand has to be accurate and fast. Finished tires from production or warehouse, possibly mixed with finished goods arriving from other plants, must be picked and delivered according to customer orders and on time.

To create seamless material handling operations, we bring together all the elements of automated warehousing technology, whether the warehouse is directly connected to the tire manufacturing process or at a separate location, with most efficient picking solutions for dispatch.

In the finishing process, Cimcorp Dream Factory receives finished tires from the curing presses, buffers and sorts them for testing and palletization in required load formats. The system allows continuous curing press unloading, and changes in the production mix, while maintaining total control of material flow.

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Automated storage

Palletized loads arrive and are transported by conveyor through a check station where they are identified. Loads are then conveyed to the crane aisles, picked up by automated stacker cranes and stored in pallet racking. If required, storage can be two pallets deep on each side of the aisle for extra high density. Controlled by the WCS, pallets are automatically retrieved by the cranes as needed for order picking and conveyed to the depalletizing and picking area.
We can work with either conventional buildings or with ‘clad rack’ structures, in which the racking itself supports the walls and roof.

Manual warehousing

Choosing a manual storage operation does not have to mean loss of control. Radio Data Terminals (RDTs), mounted on board the forklift trucks and linked to our WCS, can be used to guide operators through the process to ensure that stock integrity and traceability are maintained at all times.

Optimizing next steps

The key when designing your warehouse is not only to consider storage needs, but also the handling capacity to ensure it will provide a fast response to the next steps in the process – picking and dispatch.

Just-in-time deliveries

Cimcorp’s JIT order picking and dispatch systems significantly improve overall efficiency in the shipping area via a two-stage process. First, tires for delivery are retrieved from the warehouse, depalletized by a robot and stacked in the floor storage area ready for picking. Then, timed with vehicle arrival, the robot accurately picks the order and delivers it to the allocated output conveyor or palletizing robot, depending on the delivery mode.

Customer satisfaction

Just-in-time, error-free deliveries. Robotic order picking ensures a rapid response to market needs at the lowest cost and with 100% accuracy. This minimizes the cost of returns and improves customer satisfaction. 100% traceability of tires (total control with Cimcorp’s WCS and complete data management by Cimcorp’s MES)

Reduced shipping costs

The speed and accuracy of our order picking and dispatch systems minimize truck turnaround times and reduce the number of vehicles and shipping gates required.

Space savings

The automated Automated storage and retrieval system asrs (AS/RS) provide great space savings in comparison to manually operated warehouses. High pick rates eliminate the need for loads to be pre-marshaled, requiring less space compiling orders.

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