In Cimcorp’s intralogistics solutions our Warehouse Control System (WCS) supervises the required warehouse functions, including control of the order picking and material flow.

The WCS system always operates under the customer’s host system, from which it receives all relevant data such as products, order lines, volumes, priorities and dispatch deadlines. The WCS can also control consolidation and dispatch planning so that orders are sent to the shipping dock in reverse drop sequence, ready for loading into delivery vehicles.

Complete data management and traceability for tire manufacturing

At a tire plant the entire material flow – from the raw materials warehouse through mixing, compounding, component manufacturing, tire-building, curing and finishing to the finished tire warehouse and shipping – is controlled by Cimcorp’s Warehouse Control System (WCS), while the tracing of production data, recipe management and reporting are taken care of by Cimcorp’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), enabling 100 per cent traceability of tires.

Full traceability with a MES

Cimcorp’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers comprehensive data management for each step of manufacturing and distribution processes. Recording information such as batch numbers, operators, weights, processing times and test results ensures accurate product tracking at the individual tire level and 100% traceability. The MES also uses this information for In-Process Verification, ensuring that the right raw materials or products are delivered to the correct processing and testing machines.

Keeps your material flowing

Our proven Warehouse Control System (WCS) manages all automated equipment and key functions, such as receiving product from upstream processes, routing tires to the robots and sorting tires by SKU, while maintaining FIFO inventory management.

The software also controls the storage and buffering operation, dynamically adjusting floor areas to optimize the use of space, and organizing process execution. Easy-to-use graphical user interfaces assist operators by showing the real-time status of the system, including inventory visibility, giving full control over WIP.