Producing high-quality tires requires careful processing of raw materials and component management. This is where Cimcorp’s Dream Factory solution begins. Our system transports raw materials to the mixing area Just In Time.

Efficient logistics

Tire manufacturing requires intelligent management of internal logistics, attention to product quality and precise timing. In Cimcorp Dream Factory the raw material warehouse is equipped with an automatic highbay warehouse (HBW) with stacker cranes for storing of rubber materials and another automatic highbay warehouse (HBW) with miniload cranes for storing raw materials in large bags.

Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) manages the material flow and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) secures precise data management.

Control is key

In all areas of a tire-manufacturing plant, control of the material flow is key. By logging material batches, operators and processing times, Cimcorp’s WCS and MES control the total process flow. The system provides In-Process Verification (IPV) to check that the right raw materials arrive at the right processing station, complete traceability of raw materials, and real-time inventories.

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Higher productivity

Rapid and efficient handling of raw materials and 100% material availability at the mixing machines result in higher throughput for the compounding process.

Lower inventory

With improved information on raw material requirements and processing, you will need lower stock levels and less space which frees up capital for other uses.

Complete traceability

Cimcorp’s Manufacturing Execution Systems provide comprehensive tracking and tracing information for each individual tire.

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