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Meet Cimcorp, intralogistics automation company

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Your company’s resilience to market changes and sustainability is our top priority as we digitize and automate your processes and operations in such a way that will increase your profits, ensure your people’s safety, and keep you in a state of peace with the confidence that future growth can be assured. That is the value of having a strategic and reliable partner like Cimcorp.

The challenge of intralogistics constantly changes. Cimcorp helps you simplify these challenges by integrating advanced robotic technologies with cutting-edge material handling systems through our proprietary solutions. By providing peace of mind, we help businesses innovate and future-proof themselves.

We fully comprehend the importance of fast response time, which is why we offer local support globally, for which we have Cimcorpers in every corner of the globe.

Where ever you are – we’re there with you

Our strategic partnership and close collaboration with Murata Machinery Ltd., one of the world’s largest logistics automation company, enables us to cover local needs globally while establishing local presence in North America, Asia, and Europe. With subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, India, along with our headquarters in Ulvila, Finland, we can also reach out to local customers no matter where they are.

Our business has been around for over four decades. Through our forward-looking philosophy, we have heard from our clients that our solutions are easy to use, our modular solutions allow for scalability, our systems are user-friendly, and our services maximize uptime. Delivering smooth, timely execution of projects is our promise and we keep it.

Intralogistics made easy

Building from scratch or retrofitting doesn’t have to be an all-on-your-own process. Investing in automation in any situation is a smart move. We visit your facility, assess your existing space, and identify solutions to the challenges you are currently facing.

With the right automation technology, you are able to cater to consumer trends, optimize material flow during highs and lows of the year, provide your customers with a great selection of products, and tackle any other challenges that arise in your storage facility and distribution centers, including optimizing your space and operations as well as providing quick distribution.

Hello, have we met before?

You already know that Cimcorp is a system integrator for warehouse & distribution, which specializes in grocery retail solutions and tire manufacturing plants automation.

Our mindset is to empower you in turning business into maximum profitable, but do you know how we do that and who are the Cimcorpers?

Certificates to support our good work

Cimcorp is certified to comply with international standards for management systems. They demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and to operational excellence in Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 provides a model for a quality management system that focuses on achieving desired results through the effectiveness of the processes in an organization. Currently valid in Finland and North America.

ISO 45001:2018

A framework for managing an effective Occupational Health & Safety Management System is provided by ISO 45001:2018.
Currently valid in Finland and North America.

ISO 14001:2015

In accordance with ISO 14001:2015, organizations can improve their environmental performance through the use of an Environmental Management System. Currently valid in Finland.

Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

As part of corporate social responsibility, or business sustainability, companies commit to acting responsibly by integrating social and environmental concerns into operations. A sustainable business model includes factors such as protecting human rights, adhering to ethical business practices (anti-corruption, whistle-blower mechanisms, etc.), taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of the company, extending responsibility to the supply chain, and promoting transparency in reporting.

Cimcorp has earned the gold level in the EcoVadis CSR rating and is ranked among the top 2 percent of companies in the Manufacture of General-purpose Machinery sector. EcoVadis is a global certification. Cimcorp has been evaluated yearly since 2018.

Code of Conduct frames our work

Code of Conduct presents the ethical principles that govern Cimcorp’s business operations. These principles concern the entire personnel, irrespective of their job or position.

We also require our suppliers to act in accordance with these ethical principles.
We strive to create a culture in our company where each person can contribute to ensuring that we have a better and safer place in which to work.

Read the full Code of Conduct

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