Caring, Creative, Community-oriented and Credible – our values are at the heart of our code of conduct. We only do business in a way that is socially responsible and globally aligned. The shared code of conduct ensures a responsible and professional work culture and helps us be an honest and reliable partner.

Our ethical principles guide the daily work of every employee throughout the Cimcorp Group. We actively communicate about these matters and internally monitor the application of this code. Suppliers and business partners are an important part of our value chain, and we expect them to follow the same high standards and business practices as we do.

If something is unclear or seems wrong, we ask. Our whistleblowing channel allows anyone to inform us of any misconduct or abuse. Read more about how to raise concerns.

These principles should always be interpreted in good faith, keeping in mind the best interests of Cimcorp Group.

Caring for our people

Human rights are the foundation we build on. We don’t allow any form of abuse, harassment or modern slavery to happen in our own business or supply chain. Our business practices enable freedom of expression and religion, ensure equal treatment of people, and prevent discrimination.

A safe working environment is everyone’s right and responsibility

With us, it’s safety first: we provide healthy working conditions for our personnel and partners with the target of zero work-related injuries in all our activities. We take preventive action by identifying and controlling risks and keep developing the safety of our operations and products. The physical and mental wellbeing of our personnel is key to us, and we do our best to help them stay healthy and maintain long careers.

To avoid work-related incidents, we require all our employees and partners to act responsibly, identify safety risks at work, and take care to ensure their own and others’ occupational safety. We are all responsible for building a culture of safety in the workplace, where we react to risk-taking and breaches in following safety regulations.

Each of us deserves equal opportunities and fair treatment

Cimcorp treats everyone in a fair and equal manner and with respect. We don’t allow discrimination based on gender, age, origin, religion, opinion, political activity, state of health, disability, sexual orientation, other personal characteristics or any other reason.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all. That means we treat people fairly when it comes to recruitment, promotion and other work-related practices, basing our decisions on the job requirements and the individual’s competence and merits.

Each of us is responsible for making our workplace inclusive and building a culture that values people’s diverse views, backgrounds, characteristics, and knowledge.

We treat others with decency, dignity and respect, whether colleagues, customers, suppliers or anyone else. We have zero tolerance for any form of unacceptable behaviour, such as discrimination, intimidation, harassment or bullying at the workplace.

Giving back to our local communities

Cimcorp seeks to serve the needs of local communities whenever possible. We encourage our employees to volunteer and otherwise participate in community programs. This is often done together with our local business partners and non-governmental organizations.

We cooperate with authorities and regulatory bodies on both local and international levels.

Keeping our environmental footprint in check

We recognize our responsibility as a global player and do our share in protecting the environment and reducing emissions. Our solutions are safe to use, support sustainable development and consume as few natural resources as possible.

With the help of technology, we constantly develop our processes and systems to minimize our environmental impact through the product life cycle. As a result, we are able to use resources, materials, energy and water efficiently.

We carefully listen and react to stakeholders’ needs and expectations, whether it be about the environmental impact of our products or activities, machine safety, or any other concerns.

Being a good corporate citizen

We play by the book and always comply with existing laws and regulations – from OHS, data privacy and anti-corruption to standards of fair and ethical business. Naturally, the same is expected of each employee and business partner.

Finances strictly in order

All the information we record, process, and analyze is accurate and recorded per applicable legal and accounting principles. Here’s how we maintain our financial integrity:

  • All financial statements, books and records are kept up to date and clean of any false entries.
  • We have solid processes for disclosing information in an accurate and timely way.
  • All receipts and payments are authorized the supervisor and properly recorded, including the nature and purpose of all transactions.
  • Everyone needs to cooperate and be truthful with our internal and outside auditors.

Playing it fair and transparent

We don’t tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. We as a company or any of our employees do not accept or give gifts beyond normal business activities. All gifts and hospitality need to withstand public scrutiny, and they can’t affect business decisions or lead to exchange of information. Cimcorp does not financially support national institutions, political parties, candidates, or religions.

We do not accept business transactions that would violate anti-money laundering or terrorist financing laws. We also make sure that our products and services are only used for legitimate purposes and with funds from legitimate sources.

Our business is based on fair competition. We refuse to discuss or agree on pricing or market shares with competitors.

All our employees act in the best interest of Cimcorp Group and avoid conflict between their interests and those of the company, whether financial or non-financial.

Taking care of company assets

As we respect the property of our customers and business partners, we also expect all our property to be used with care and for business purposes only, unless otherwise agreed. Under no circumstances do we tolerate fraud, theft, or misuse of our property.

Besides the concrete property, the intangible assets of Cimcorp Group are of enormous economic value. They include our reputation, inventions, intellectual property, registered and unregistered copyrights, patents, know-how, and company secrets. We are careful when dealing with these assets, protect them against unauthorized access, and do not use them for private purposes.

We take appropriate measures to protect our intellectual property rights. Similarly, we respect the intellectual property rights of others, whether registered or unregistered.

Managing risks

Growth and innovation are not possible without a certain level of calculated risk-taking. Business success requires identifying, assessing, and managing risks to make the best of opportunities. Our risk management system helps us consistently address risks, monitor risk-driving factors, and build awareness on all corporate levels. We are all responsible for managing the identified risks within our own area.

Protecting privacy

We respect the privacy and individual rights of everyone. Therefore, we protect the personal data and business information of employees and business partners with great care, complying with legislation and good data processing practices. We all have a duty to make sure that non-authorized third parties cannot access confidential data and that information is used for legitimate business purposes only.

Ensuring cybersecurity

We protect our computer systems, networks and software from various threats: destruction of data or equipment, security weaknesses, unauthorized access, and data theft or leaks. We also make every effort to reduce the risks coming from email usage, downloads, social media, and internet in general. Here’s how:

  • We only work with authorized software and equipment and use them for nothing but business purposes.
  • We don’t attempt to circumvent or attack security controls.
  • We don’t share passwords or other access credentials with anyone and don’t use another persons password.
  • We don’t use our devices and systems to access, store or upload any illegal, inappropriate, obscene or offensive material.

Cimcorp has the right to monitor access and review data on the company devices, networks and systems, if needed. This could be for business, IT maintenance and legal reasons, including investigating any illegal or unethical behaviour.

We want you to know about this

We take an active approach to the application of this code and share the content and implementation to our Cimcorpers and partners. We will internally ensure the proper usage and level of knowledge of this code of conduct.

Suppliers and business partners are an important and integral part of the total value chain of our services. They are expected to conduct their businesses in compliance with the same high legal and ethical standards and business practices as Cimcorp. Cimcorp promotes the application of this code by monitoring the actions of its suppliers and business partners.


We strive to be an honest and reliable partner for customers, Cimcorpers, suppliers and other stakeholders worldwide. Recognizing and implementing our code of conduct ensures a responsible and professional work culture.

To ensure high standards of ethics at Cimcorp, we offer a whistleblowing channel that allows anyone to inform us of any misconduct or abuse. No one who reports their suspicions in good faith and participates in investigating potential breaches of our Code of Conduct will incur negative consequences as a result.