1. Introduction

At Cimcorp we recognize the importance of good business practices for a stable and successful business. This document presents the ethical principles that govern Cimcorp’s business operations. These principles concern the entire personnel, irrespective of their job or position. We also require that all our business partners comply with these principles.

2. Laws and regulations

Cimcorp complies with existing laws and regulations in all its activities. In addition, we comply with the human rights as defined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, such as freedom of expression and religion, equality and non-discrimination. We do not accept the use of forced labor or child labor.

3. Employees and safety

Cimcorp treats all its employees in a fair and equal manner. We respect the privacy and individual rights of everyone. We do not accept any kind of discrimination, intimidation, harassment or insults in the workplace. Everyone has the right to a safe working environment. We operate in accordance with guidelines and agreed rules. We strive to create a culture in our company where each person can contribute to ensuring that we have a better and safer place in which to work.

4. Sustainable development

Cimcorp recognizes its responsibility as a global player. We develop solutions that support sustainable development and consume as few natural resources as possible, both locally and globally. We strive to play our part in protecting biodiversity and reducing emissions.

5. Fair Business practices

Cimcorp complies with existing competition legislation in its operations and does not engage in any illegal or restrictive trade practices.

6. Suppliers

Cimcorp treats all its suppliers in a fair and equal manner. Our ethical business principles are an important aspect of our collaboration with suppliers. We also require our suppliers to act in accordance with these ethical principles.

7. Customers

We are worthy of our customers’ trust and strive for long-term customer relationships. We are our customers’ supplier of choice. Cimcorp treats all its customers in a fair and equal manner.

8. Corruption, gifts and bribery

Cimcorp and its employees may not receive or give any gifts or hospitality that exceed normal business practice and which could affect impartiality. Ordinary business gifts of modest value and reasonable hospitality are part of normal business activities. However, no single gift given or received shall affect business decisions, nor may there be an agreement on the exchange of important information. Gifts and hospitality should withstand public scrutiny and be acceptable to the company’s stakeholders. Gifts and hospitality should be given or received without obligations or expectations.

Cimcorp does not support national institutions, political parties, political candidates or religions by giving them funding or making donations.

9. Conflict of interests

All Cimcorp employees should avoid situations in which a conflict could arise between their personal interests and those of the company.

10. Compliance with these principles

Our daily work is guided by these principles and every employee should act in accordance with them.

In case of non-compliance with these principles, anyone may contact the Cimcorp CEO. All notifications will be duly examined and, if necessary, appropriate actions will be taken.