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Intelligent software meets modular technology: new era of tire manufacturing

Tire industry dream factory software

By combining intelligent software, advanced analytics, modular technology, and expert support, tire plants are positioned for long-term success. Cimcorp’s innovative Dream Factory demonstrates leading excellence in tire manufacturing automation, paving the way for future advancements in the industry. But how is it done and what is the future of tire manufacturing?

The future of tire manufacturing automation

Many tire plants have already implemented robotic technologies for repetitive tasks. However, innovative solutions like Cimcorp’s Dream Factory are revolutionizing automation by integrating advanced robotics and intelligent software to optimize every production stage.

Unified interface for streamlined operations

Hundreds of machines generate millions of data points throughout the production process.

Modern tire manufacturing software unifies these data points into a single interface, enabling manufacturers to manage and monitor the entire factory efficiently.

Kai Tuomisaari, VP, Corporate Sales at Cimcorp Group

The integrated execution software controls real-time operations, ensuring seamless coordination of all systems and equipment. This prevents bottlenecks and maximizes productivity, ensuring timely tire transfers and optimal facility performance.

Kai Tuomisaari, Cimcorp Group Grocery retail sales

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Ensuring high-quality tire production

Automation minimizes manual touchpoints, significantly reducing human error.

Software ensures precise material delivery to the correct machines, while automated handling protects tires from damage. This meticulous approach guarantees high-quality tire production.

Kai Tuomisaari, VP, Corporate Sales at Cimcorp Group

Tire manufacturing software records key data, ensuring accurate product tracking and 100% traceability. If any faulty materials are detected, all components can be traced to prevent waste.

Real-time insights with advanced analytics

Integrated software provides real-time insights into system status, production KPIs, inventory, and more. These insights enable operators to quickly assess production, identify bottlenecks, and make necessary adjustments. The software also tracks equipment wear, supporting preventative and predictive maintenance.

Choosing the right automation partner

Selecting a solution provider that offers comprehensive in-house services, from robotic hardware and control software to installation and maintenance, is crucial. A collaborative approach ensures the ideal solution for each manufacturer’s unique needs. Continuous support and modernization keep systems optimized.

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