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Your warehouse has been automated and you’re excited to reap the benefits of your streamlined automation process. Everything is working well, and the results of automating are evident in optimized material flow in the warehouse. But what happens when demand shifts?

Automation service goal – zero-downtime

How can manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers maintain uptime and stay ahead of market unpredictability? Erkka Wartiainen, Services Manager at Cimcorp, believes that securing automation with vigilant upkeep is the answer. This is where Cimcorp’s Success Services can help.

“Suppliers and manufacturers are working tirelessly to stay ahead of market shifts. Knowing our customers’ business challenges, our mission is to provide automation services that can deliver on the zero-downtime promise,” explains Wartiainen.

Automation solutions have over 20 years of lifetime and, with that, automation experts must predict how these solutions will perform under future shifts in demand and changes in the product portfolio. Following the installation of automation systems, turnkey solutions integrator, Cimcorp, prepares for future activity to ensure consistent quality for throughput.

Our automation service experts don’t stop at delivering intelligence to our customers; they go the extra mile to ensure peace of mind for customers after project delivery. We understand our customers’ business demands and see ourselves as a lifetime partner, working hand-in-hand with them to secure their supply chain.

Erkka Wartiainen, Services Manager at Cimcorp

Service with one contact point

Through one single point of contact, customers get around-the-clock local experts to help with any issues or challenges. The success of Cimcorp’s customer care comes from consultancy; the Success Services team takes a proactive and risk-prediction approach to service. Cimcorp offers customers four highly customizable automation service approaches to deliver on the 100% uptime guarantee:

Uptime Services

Maintenance, monitoring and training are essential to the upkeep of automation systems. With uptime services, customers benefit from immediate, expert help from a single point of contact to get their systems up and running.

“Our uptime services team supports customers through on-site or remote services. Customers are connected to an expert no matter what time it is; our experts are always available,” says Wartiainen.

Lifecycle Consulting

“When we promise our clients systems that have 20 years of lifetime, we must be committed to walking the journey with them,” explains Wartiainen.

Cimcorp experts regularly review customers’ current automation systems and plan for the best cost-performance ratio. This approach to consulting provides customers with a road map for future actions. Retrofit assessment for utilization of new technology and tailor-made training for staff are some of the services included in lifecycle consulting.

Upgrade Services

“We prepare our customers for change,” says Wartiainen. Change in the supply chain is inevitable. Thanks to upgrade services, manufacturers and retailers can stay ahead of market instability.

In the supply chain, a 20-year lifetime will see changes in capacity, product portfolio and product flow. Minor upgrades and bigger-scale modifications are part of our upgrade services.

Certified Spare Parts

The certified spare parts service includes startup kit and lifecycle parts. These two complementary items ensure an always-on system.

Check out the Success Services inventory to discover more about Cimcorp automation care.

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