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Alimerka enhances supply chain efficiency and sustainability with Cimcorp

Apr 08, 2024 Cimcorp Headquarters
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The adoption of automated technologies in the supply chain can help reduce resource wastage and minimize environmental impact. By optimizing storage and distribution processes, packaging waste and transportation times can be reduced, thus contributing to environmental conservation and carbon emissions reduction.

Alimerka, a company committed to sustainability, has integrated automated solutions from Cimcorp to reduce packaging material usage and enhance distribution efficiency. This approach not only benefits the environment by reducing waste generation but also optimizes the supply chain, making it more agile and efficient.

Beginning of the journey: seeking efficiency

When considering the possibility of improving our logistics, especially in the fruit warehouse, we sought suppliers offering proven solutions in our sector. That’s when we came across Cimcorp, a company that had already implemented successful solutions in similar enterprises.

Juan Carlos Suárez Fueyo, Logistics Director at Alimerka

Commitment to efficiency: automation and optimization

Alimerka’s goal was clear: to automate processes in its warehouses to enable sustainable growth, optimization of production processes, and improvements in ergonomics and occupational safety. Iván Pravia, Head of Technical Office at Alimerka, emphasizes: “The basic idea is to be more efficient, and automation is the key to achieving it.”

The partnership with Cimcorp provided Alimerka with a solution that not only met their current needs but also allowed them to grow and adapt to future challenges. “It significantly changed our way of working, moving from nearly 100% manual preparation to highly automated preparation. This has involved an improvement in the training qualification of staff dedicated to these tasks, as well as specialization and improvement in staff motivation,” says Suárez Fueyo.

Impact on consumers: transparency and quality

But how do consumers perceive this improvement in logistical efficiency? Pravia points out that while end consumers are not always aware of the work behind the scenes, the improvement is reflected in the quality and freshness of the products they find on Alimerka’s shelves. “The end customer is not always aware of what companies do, but when they see fresh and well-organized products, they know they are in a place where quality matters.”

It has provided us with greater order and uniformity in deliveries, resulting in improvements in the health of both store and warehouse workers, with a reduction in the number of accidents. Ultimately, it means greater productivity, more efficient processes, and enhanced ergonomics.

Iván Pravia, Head of Technical Office at Alimerka

Sustainability and future: Alimerka’s values

Alimerka not only seeks operational efficiency but also has a strong commitment to sustainability. “Sustainability is one of our strongest values,” affirms Pravia. “We work every day to improve our processes to be more sustainable and to transmit that commitment to our customers.”

The partnership with Cimcorp has contributed to this goal by reducing cardboard usage and improving distribution efficiency, reflecting Alimerka’s commitment to sustainability.

Looking to the future: continuing the collaboration

For Alimerka, the journey towards efficiency is far from over. They continue to work with Cimcorp to improve and find even more innovative solutions. “Automation for Alimerka is key to ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of our sector and can quickly grow and adapt to market needs,” concludes Iván Pravia, the Head of Technical Office.

In summary, the partnership between Alimerka and Cimcorp is an inspiring example of how collaboration and innovation can drive efficiency and sustainability in the retail sector.


Alimerka is a leading company in the retail food sector, focusing on providing high-quality fresh produce and other grocery items. The company operates a chain of supermarkets and offers online shopping, click & collect services, and maintains a strong commitment to local suppliers and sustainability. The supermarket chain has more than 180,000 customers visiting daily and operates 168 stores in Spain.

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