Cimcorp’s quality policy is in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and is certified by an accredited certification body. This policy covers all operations of Cimcorp Group.

Skilled personnel

We are committed to increasing and maintaining the key competences of the entire personnel, including quality awareness, with the aim of cost-effective operations that fulfill regulations and agreements. As pioneers of intralogistics, we strive to maintain expertise, competence and knowledge to support our customers’ business.

Fulfilling requirements

We are committed to deliver quality to the customer in all our operations with the aim of meeting or exceeding the objectives stated in the agreements. We are worthy of our customers’ trust and strive for long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers. We treat all our customers fairly and equally.

Continuous improvement

Quality assurance and lifecycle management procedures are an essential part of our operations. We strive to continuously improve our operations and products, and to maintain their innovativeness. Together this will enable improved competitiveness and our customers’ commitment to the solutions and services we provide.

The aim of our business operations is long-term profitability, which forms the basis for growth and the satisfaction of both personnel and owners. Corporate management is ultimately responsible for the effectiveness of the quality system and the development of our operations.

The Cimcorp way

Our key operating principles are continuous improvement, eradicating defects, creating development concepts and communicating all these ideas supportively and transparently. We are consistently committed to compliance with the specified processes, practices and procedures.