Safety & quality in action, with green in mind

This is our commitment to sustainability and quality, covering also health, safety and the environment. As a leading innovator in the field of automation, we are committed to achieving high standards of quality while minimizing our environmental impact.

Our sustainability and quality policy serves as a guiding light, shaping our actions and driving us towards a greener and more responsible tomorrow. This corporate policy is applicable to all Cimcorp activities and employees globally and sets the basis for sustainability and quality objectives.

Caring, Community-oriented, Creative and Credible

Our values, the 4 Cs, guide and direct our global actions every day. We care about people and the environment. We are community-oriented in our actions. We are creative in finding the best solutions. We are credible in our work. 

Delivering quality and profitability

Our way of operating is based on our solid commitment to deliver profitability and peace of mind to our customers and other stakeholders, especially Cimcorpers. Continuously improving the quality and safety of our activities, products and services keep us on the right track. We are committed to fulfilling legal and other requirements. Cimcorpers are professional in delivering high and consistent quality, exceeding customers’ expectations. This is achieved through innovation, teamwork and creativity, by delivering state-of-the-art automation and services for our customers. Fostering professionalism in leadership supports the growth of both individuals and teams. 

Caring about Cimcorpers

The safety, wellbeing, drive and passion of our Cimcorpers comes first: our people are the company. Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all individuals and providing equal opportunities for everyone are our priorities. We are always doing our best to complete our work in the safest and most sustainable way. The welfare of Cimcorpers, stakeholders and the environment is at the core of how we work, lead and act. We invest in the growth of our people.

Prevention and learning

Prevention is the key to wellbeing and sustainability. A proactive approach helps to prevent harm to people, the environment and the communities around our locations. By the innovative integration of systems, materials and technology, we aim to minimize harmful impacts. Open communication and collaboration help to create a safe space to share development ideas, report any concerns and learn together to be the best possible workplace and partner.