The many ways milk can be processed—into cheese, yogurt, and cream, to name a few—also increase supply chain complexity. Here are a few ways automation can optimize dairy order fulfillment. 

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Optimize dairy order fulfillment to deliver more and better products to market all year round

The many ways in which milk can be processed—into cheese, yogurt, and cream, to name a few—also increase supply chain complexity.

Scroll through to find out how automation can optimize your dairy order fulfillment network.

The speed and precision offered through automated materials handling will help us streamline operations and maximize the freshness of our new liquid milk products. It will also improve the health and safety of our people, as staff will not be required in cold storage areas for long periods of time. We’ll have a modern facility ready to meet the modern demands of today’s food supply chain.

Director Operations, Synlait

Speed and freshness

Short delivery times combined with high demands for dairy freshness brings forth their own challenges for order picking. ​​

Achieve consistency in product quality with rapid throughput where products that need to be delivered are collected on the FIFO principle.

Before automating our logistics, working conditions here were pretty tough. People had to lift quite heavy loads and, as a result, there were significant health problems, especially shoulder injuries.

Now the heavy loads are lifted by the gantry robots and the order picking in the semi-automatic store is much more ergonomic than in the past. The nature of the work is also more challenging and our staff definitely prefer it.

Logistics Manager, Arla, Jönköping


It goes without saying that food safety is essential. Benefit from storage that takes place on the floor, without the need for racking. ​

​Totes can easily be cleared, allowing the area to be cleaned thoroughly, and maintaining superior hygiene standards.​


It’s a fact, warehouses need to do more in less space. Our solution can achieve much higher densities, making the best use of the available space in the warehouse.​

Take productivity and profitability to new heights by enlarging the order process window; you can even achieve a larger store distribution base for your dairy goods. ​

In addition, choosing a modular, scalable system allows room for expansion as SKU quantities grow.​

We also use Cimcorp’s warehouse control software alongside SAP in Tampere and Oulu, where products are picked manually. The WCS provides us with the necessary transparency, and monitoring of operations can also be done between the various warehouses. In our view, this is one of Cimcorp’s real selling points.

Warehouse Operations Manager, Valio


Monitoring real-time warehousing operations including all automated & manual order picking is essential within a consolidated facility handling rapid order fulfillment. ​

By harnessing vast quantities of data, our software can efficiently analyze and handle inventory management and replenishment. ​

By optimizing inventory, the facility space will not be eaten up by overstock or an abundance of slow moving items, and fulfillment speed will be maintained for customer satisfaction.​

Maintain high service level

Stay ahead of your competitors! When you’re making regular, timed deliveries of dairy products to stores, precision is key! ​

Improve your customer satisfaction with automation, and secure your dairy-to-store order lead time. ​

The system developed by Cimcorp achieves our objectives of faster picking, accuracy and reliability, enabling us to give stores excellent standards of service. The system will reduce our operational costs, while ensuring store orders are picked and shipped quickly and accurately.

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Kroger Mountain View Foods

System lifetime

Even automated solutions need support to function error-free all year, every year. ​

Automation is a big investment, so make sure it will have a lifetime of at least 20 years.​

You will want to achieve maximum uptime. Plan ahead and secure your automation with the spare parts and staff training required to keep your systems up and running.​

Optimize dairy order fulfillment

  • High service level
  • Productivity
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Less spoilage and waste
  • Food and personnel safety
  • Scalability & flexibility
  • System lifetime
  • Partnership

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