Here are seven things to consider when achieving high levels of service for fresh food companies. It addresses speed and accuracy, waste reduction, reducing spoilage and adapting to changes in seasonality and current disruptions.

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Fresh food automation with robotics integration to system from Cimcorp

Deliver the freshest products to the market all year round

With fresh food, especially perishables, time is essential.
The faster you can deliver your products to the stores,
the longer they’ll be on sale – resulting in more profit for you.

Automated systems fulfil orders in stages so new products can arrive and be picked immediately to guarantee freshness.

Increase speed and accuracy

Slow and steady doesn’t win the race. With automation, order picking is faster and error-free. Vehicle loading can be optimized to suit both the delivery route and unpacking at the stores. Optimization made easy.

By improving space utilization with automation warehouses can have a greater proliferation of SKU’s while still prioritizing freshness.

Reduce spoilage and waste

With higher performance and efficiency, fresh food is handled and sorted for delivery quickly. Faster lead times secure longer shelf life, with gentle handling of crates ensuring that products are as perfect in stores as when packed into crates.

Automation has 100% accuracy which means less product waste and more accuracy for customer shipments.

Imagine if the automation didn’t work for one day: the stores would not receive fruit and vegetables, the produce in the logistics center would no longer be as fresh, and there wouldn’t be space for the 120 tons coming in the next day.

We have to have a reliable solution so that the hard work, time and money invested in fresh produce doesn’t go to waste.

CEO, Alimerka

Enhance order fulfillment

Logistics centers are under enormous pressure to pick, pack, sort and dispatch products error-free, on time, every time.

Our order picking solutions range from islands of automation to full DCs, with intelligent control systems being core to all our operations.

Adapt to seasonal changes

Short seasons don’t allow for responsiveness to actual sales – volume for the entire demand has to be ordered in advance. For longer seasons, smart replenishment improves store responsiveness. Low seasons can be utilized for scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

Automated solutions reduce undue strain on employees during seasonal peaks while keeping product moving out the door.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers expect fast and safe delivery, with the opportunity to update orders at the last minute. With rapid handling and real-time inventory, you can secure error-free deliveries and
guarantee customer satisfaction.

Fresher products bring repeat customers since perishable items are more appetizing within a certain time window.

Getting fresh fruit and vegetables from producers to the branches is an absolute race against the clock. In many cases, only a few hours pass between receipt at our logistics centers and delivery to our stores.

Head of Corporate Communications, Netto Marken-Discount

Benefit from lifetime support

With our Success Services you ensure your automation runs smoothly, securing maximum uptime and fewer unscheduled stoppages.

Cimcorp stays informed on the latest fresh food trends and will incorporate this knowledge into your automated solution.

Minimize total cost of ownership

Investing in automation takes a lot of resources – both money and time.

Our sales team can help you to calculate the long-term cost including maintenance and software updates if you want to secure your automation for the next two decades.

The most significant advantage is reducing errors to guarantee a better service for our stores and customers. No errors guarantee a 10 out of 10 service. The best part has been the sturdiness of the application; we haven’t had operational surprises with real orders, and we’ve been able to provide a guaranteed service to our stores.

Warehouse Purchasing Coordinator, Mercadona
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