Dive into the world of tire industry automation with Cimcorp’s dedicated sales team. Explore how our experts, with a focus on efficient solutions, drive innovation and address customers’ manufacturing challenges. From customer-oriented approaches to global sales management, discover the passion and expertise that make Cimcorp a leader in providing automated solutions for tire manufacturing.

Customer-oriented listener

, Tire Industry
Mob +358 44 562 6542

As Sales Manager in our tire industry sales department, Tapio is part of the team that solves customers’ automation challenges related to tire manufacturing, offering them the most cost-effective automation solutions on the market. He has years of experience from working in several Cimcorp departments, with well over ten years spent in sales. Tapio is interested in solving customers’ logistical problems with the help of our unique automation solutions. He also finds it fascinating to understand how regional and country-specific culture can affect the creation of solutions that are best suited to the customer in question.

Tapio is a calm and family-oriented person. His favorite leisure activities include spending time at his summer cottage, enjoying nature, fishing and tinkering with things.

Creator of team spirit

Sales Manager
, Tire Industry
Mob +358 40 7419 641

As tire sector Sales Manager, Pekka is responsible for analyzing customer needs and responding to these with different automation solutions. He is experienced in B2B sales and management, as well as in production and productivity development. Pekka likes to offer customers the best solutions in the industry, develop future solutions and think outside the box. He enjoys teamwork and creating team spirit.

Pekka is easy-going and approachable. In his spare time, he likes to take long walks, train his dogs in water rescue and go boating on the sea. He also enjoys cooking for family and friends.

Experienced innovator

Global Tire Sales Manager

Mob +1 (905) 906 2200

Don works as our Global Sales Manager for the tire industry. He is an engineer who has worked in the sales arena throughout his career, with extensive experience working with multinational corporations. Don is interested in bringing innovative and valuable solutions to customers. He enjoys working with multi-disciplinary groups and teams in a creative process to develop high-value customer solutions.

In his spare time, Don is an active sports enthusiast and a family-oriented person. He can often be seen walking his dog on the local trails.

Striving for continuous development

Sales Project Manager
, Tire Industry

As Sales Project Manager for the tire industry, Juha’s responsibilities include finding new solutions and applying existing ones, checking technical details and, above all, ensuring the overall functionality of the system. He is also responsible for cost calculations and making documentation
to support sales projects. Juha has a long background in software, after which he transferred to system design and sales. He strives to develop in his career and find suitable solutions for different customer needs.

Juha is reliable and approachable. Outside of work, he relaxes by playing golf, fishing and playing with his family dogs.

Passionate automation professional

Sales Project Manager
, Tire Industry

Anssi works as Sales Project Manager for the tire industry. He has worked with automation in various roles throughout his career. Anssi is a team player; together with the customer, his aim is to find the best possible logistics solution, which also has the longest possible lifecycle through the support of Cimcorp.

Anssi’s passion is golf, which takes up a big part of his free time. Enjoying nature in Lapland is close to his heart, as well as watching TV or movies with his family over a meal prepared together.

Customer-oriented adventurer

VP, Corporate Sales

Kai is responsible for the global sales of Cimcorp Group. His focus is on both the tire and warehouse & distribution industries, as well as on Cimcorp’s business development.

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