Cimcorp’s robotic products – gantry robots, linear robots, monorail transfers, mobile robots – have been developed specifically to meet the demanding material handling needs of the tire industry. Their flexibility makes them a perfect fit for automation in both brownfield and greenfield plants.

Proven technology

Our Cimcorp+ eco robot series was developed to handle a range of work envelopes (gantry spans) and load weights. This proven technology is the platform on which we continuously develop application-specific solutions. The Cimcorp+ robots – fast in operation, and light, yet robust in structure – offer the highest performance on the market combined with low energy consumption, and minimum maintenance requirements.

Tire handling expertize

Our overhead gantry robot fulfills many functions – buffer storage, sortation, palletizing and order picking – making it a remarkably versatile and cost-effective solution. Gantry robots also utilize space in a highly efficient manner, freeing additional space in factories for production.

Gripper know-how

Application-specific gripper development for robots is a core discipline within Cimcorp. Our universal tire gripper can pick anything from a single tire to a complete stack, with the flexibility to handle a wide range of tire types, diameters and heights – from PCR (Passenger Car Radial) to OTR (Off-The-Road) and also green tires.

Functional robots for an integrated system

In the tire industry, gantry robots are used extensively in sorting and buffering operations for both green and finished tires. Linear transfer robots and monorail transfers, developed for connecting remote points and handling heavy loads, are mainly used for the transfer of green tires from the building machines to the spray stations, and deliver to the curing press.

Streamlined process with mobile robots

Our intelligent, autonomous mobile robots are an ideal solution for press delivery in existing facilities. Its ability to perform fully robotic, random origin to random destination transport of green tires for curing creates a streamlined process requiring little manual intervention.

Full scope of supply

Cimcorp also supplies ancillary equipment – including stackers, destackers, lifts and conveyors – to create fully integrated systems.

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