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Success through inventiveness in tire industry

Tire industry software

Companies are always looking for competitive and efficient ways to improve their profit for a promising future. Cimcorp’s software provides complete data and hardware control of your tire manufacturing and distribution process. Company has been rewarded on its work on improving data analytics of the tire factory.

Although the philosophy and functionalities of Dream Factory have stayed the same, it has developed and grown in many ways during the last decade. The utilization of data has increased, just one of the benefits being that the downtime has decreased.

It is important to stay competitive and to keep improving ourselves in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and to be a relevant part of our society, says Technology director Jyrki Anttonen.

Anttonen is also involved in research and development (R&D) process development. While the Dream Factory solution has always covered the whole intralogistics system in tire factory, securing the uninterrupted material and data flow, the role of control software has increased. Although developing and manufacturing gantry robots and other automation devices remains Cimcorp’s key technology, software plays a bigger role every day.

“While massive gantry robots are impressive to see in action, the real star of Dream Factory is the software that runs them and the whole tire plant”, Anttonen says and continues: “It is the intelligent software and data analysis that makes it possible to optimize utilization of all that hugely expensive process machinery. The result is perfectly streamlined production.”

Award winning solution

The work done with improving data analytics of the tire factory brought Anttonen and his team a victory in Journey to Automation (J2A) Awards, that recognizes leading players in the  field of automation and digital transformation of the tire industry. 
Compared to machine suppliers, as a system integrator, Cimcorp has interface and access to whole tire manufacturing process, and company’s systems manage the whole material flow from raw materials to shipping of finished tires.

Being also a MES supplier to tire industry, company also has interface to production machinery. “This means that there is access to all possible data related to tire manufacturing and we believe that nobody has made analytics for tire industry in such a magnitude”.

How to stay competitive in an ever-changing game

Customers are looking for optimal solutions for their tire operations as a whole. Cimcorp takes pride in improving their output capabilities in all areas. The rise of electric and autonomous cars combined with vehicle customizations will mean increase in SKU’s in established tire markets. “Precise control of tire production will be more important than ever.

The need for traceability will continue to be vital, but also the need for accuracy in recipe management and production scheduling so that scrap can be minimized.” Anttonen believes that tire manufacturers who adjust their operations in line with evolving market and trends, and are not afraid of challenges will survive, “Many times the greatest opportunities come from tackling challenges head-on.”

Less maintenance – faster response time

In recent years, one of the major focus areas for Cimcorp has been the development of maintenance-free concepts. “Our systems feature fewer components than their predecessors did, and they require considerably less input in terms of maintenance”, Anttonen explains.

However, even the best designed and maintained equipment can experience periods of reduced performance or unexpected breakdown, especially when assets are used intensively, ”We are proud that we are a one-stop-shop. If malfunction does occur, Cimcorp’s customer support team is available 24/7. We are committed to providing a rapid and professional response.”

Author Anna-Mari Vuollet

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