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Stronger MBR800+ robot

Tire industry R&D sustainability

The new-generation series of robots is the answer to the eco-friendly trends of the industrial world

The development of the Cimcorp+ eco-robot series continues. The newest member is the strong MBR800+ gantry-type robot, which is required for heavier duties. The more energy-efficient and more environment-friendly robot handles TBR tires in tire manufacture with superior performance.The MBR800+ is also a core component in order picking and handling solutions in distribution centers. It handles plastic crates being able to pick crates one by one and transferring even whole stacks. Also roll containers can be handled with ease with the MBR800+ gantry robot.

The Cimcorp + robot concept has been a great success. The first in the series was the MBR700+ robot launched on the market in 2010. The MBR700+ is a gantry-type robot, which is typically applied in the tire industry for buffering, sorting and palletizing of PCR and LTR tires.

Energy savings, carbon footprint, recyclability, and above all green values are key factors for Cimcorp too. The aim of the development work was to improve the quality and efficiency of the Cimcorp MBR robot series.

All the good and proven technical solutions developed for the MBR700+ were selected for the MBR800+ too. Aluminum is used in the moving parts instead of steel, the in-use maintenance requirement is minimized, and the number of components is reduced. The new advanced control system makes the robot a smart energy miracle. 30 percent of the energy consumed by the robot can be fed back into the network and used again.


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