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Software is still the game-changer in the tire industry

Tire industry brownfield dream factory software

Over the last few decades, software has played a key role in achieving better productivity and higher quality in the tire industry. Cimcorp software integrates the production machines and material handling systems, and automates the material flow from receipt of raw materials to the finished tire loading dock, as well as controlling the production process.

IoT, big data and analytics

The philosophy of Cimcorp’s Dream Factory is to maximize the manufacturing capacity of each production machine. Cimcorp’s Technology director, Jyrki Anttonen, who is also involved in R&D process development, says: “Software will continue to be key; in particular, the role of the manufacturing execution system (MES) will increase with the spread of industrial IoT, big data and analytics-related functionality. Whether your tire plant is greenfield or brownfield, streamlining the manufacturing process is essential. Software allows you to leverage efficiency to gain competitive advantage.”

Improve your game

VP of Solutions & Technology, Veli-Matti Hakala, believes that the next decade’s game-changing developments will be connected with software: “With smarter analytics, our customers can improve production effectiveness, and get better tools for decision making. Tracking and 100% availability of compo-nents at all process machines definitely changes the game. All material transfers are tasked accurately to ensure that the right material is in the right place at the right time. This leads to smaller production batches, resulting in smaller buffer storage areas.”

Relevant data for intelligent decision making

Even though software is key, humans are still needed, but maybe in different roles than before. “The communication between humans and machines has to be as simple as possible,” Hakala says. “We need precise, real-time data to ensure intelligent decision making for production and inventory management. Relevant data needs to be sorted from irrelevant data.”

Complex structures made simple

Technology director, Anttonen, points out that often the simpler something seems, the more complex it is hidden behind the scenes: “User interfaces might seem simple, but to work perfectly they need clever software and business logic behind them. Everything has to be carefully thought through and intelligent algorithms need to be constructed to make it all happen. We need skillful software engineers to design these interfaces and make them easier for our customers to use.”

Author Anna-Mari Vuollet

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