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Meet us in Tire Technology Expo, Germany — 3 ways analytics can boost your tire plant productivity

Feb 14, 2023
Tire industry dream factory software

Analytics keep the wheels turning in automation. It enables accurate resourcing, transparency, sustainability and builds resilience.

Cimcorps’ unique productivity booster, tire production dashboard helps the tire plant to reach the goals and get more out of less. We integrate the whole tire manufacturing process for your factory’s insights in tire building, curing buffer and curing area. Analytics helps your tire plant to become the dream factory, the benefits are vast.

  1. Increases output and transparency Maximize tire building manufacturing process
  2. Ensures sustainability Avoid scrap and production losses
  3. Builds resilience Pinpoint possible problems

With award-winning software, the tire plant can ensure continuous feed of curing presses. Manage curing and production capacities, see possible system bottlenecks. Make right decisions on optimizing production. Keep positive volume and needed SKUs available all the time for curing presses. Press tires automatically to the maximum utilization rate without delays or human interruptions. See the capacity of individual curing press by product line and summary of product lines to see the overall capacity.

Meet us in Germany!

Tire sales at Cimcorp Group

We are at the Tire Technology Expo 2023 to answer your questions and help to power up your tire plant! Let’s discuss on the benefits of automation and also the unique benefits that Cimcorp can bring to the discussion, such as boosting the overall productivity of the tire plant new or legacy. Get your free entry pass!

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