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Tire industry R&D

The latest achievement of Cimcorp’s product development, the Cimcorp+ High Speed Monorail Transfer System, optimizes the tire production process by transporting green tires twice as fast as before. The world’s fastest green tire monorail transfer system will be unveiled at the Cologne Tire Technology Expo in February 2015.

Product Manager Jani Tuomola:

During 2015, approx. 50 Cimcorp+ High Speed Monorail Transfer solutions for the manufacture of PCR and TBR tires will be installed and become operational worldwide.

The carrier moving at the ceiling level of the tire plant transports its load smoothly from the tire-building machine to the buffer storage. From there, the system transports the green tires on to the curing presses – quickly and accurately. In the version adapted for the manufacture of passenger car radial (PCR) tires, the monorail transfer can move loads of 45 kilos at a time, and in the future version for heavier truck and bus radial (TBR) tires, this will rise to 120 kilos.

“Increased speed, shorter acceleration times, and a servo-controlled gripper adaptable for different product sizes have sped up the transfer of green tires considerably and made the whole manufacturing process more efficient,” says product manager Jani Tuomola.

One of the undeniable benefits of a monorail transfer system stems from its area of operation: the high, overhead transfer system leaves the floor space empty, enabling easy access to the machines for the operators and service personnel to access to the machines easily.

“This has been a clear challenge in developing an automation system for the tire industry. The new transfer system is ideally suitable for tire plants, as it does not reduce working space at floor level,” explains Kai Tuomisaari, Cimcorp’s Vice President, Sales and Projects.

Speed, precision and productivity

Cimcorp has been supplying its customers with monorail transfer systems for several years now. The first systems for tire plants were installed in 2008 in different parts of the world. Cimcorp’s longstanding experience of transfer systems and logistics automation also provided the starting point for developing a new solution.

“With this new system, we have benefitted from our extensive automation expertise and have enhanced the proven features of the earlier monorail transfer system,” says Tuomola.

As part of the Cimcorp Dream Factory concept, the Cimcorp+ High Speed Monorail transfer system consists in practice of three parts: the rail system, along which the carriers move, the carriers themselves, and the WCS warehouse control system. Although the new key features of the system focus on speed, acceleration, and precision, special consideration has also been given to the safe handling of green tires.
“The adjustable grippers have been developed to avoid damaging the bead of the green tires. In this way, the system contributes to ensuring the quality of the final product and reduces waste,” says Tuomola.

Critical point of tire manufacture

In comparison with the earlier monorail transfer solution, the conveying capacity is now greater: thanks to the new carrier construction, the weight of the load is distributed more evenly and enables greater horizontal acceleration. The new transfer system also requires less space than before, as the shallower construction of the carriers means that the rails can be installed at a lower height than before.

“For the rails, the same basic principle is used as in earlier deliveries. It is proven and only required a little tweaking. Regarding the system, the mechanics are more reliable than earlier,” states Mika Laine, who is responsible for the system mechanics.

The monorail system is controlled using the WCS. The same software is used in the Cimcorp Dream Factory concept for the overall control of material flows, and is compatible with the plant’s own IT systems.

“Feeding the green tires to the curing presses is a critical point, which affects the productivity of the whole plant. Using the Cimcorp Dream Factory automation solutions means that the entire internal logistics can be optimized so that the feed from the tire-building machines or the buffer to the curing presses happens in a timely manner. This way the production capacity can be maximized to the fullest,” says Tuomisaari.

Mechanics System Engineer Mika Laine

For the rails, the same basic principle is used as in earlier deliveries. It is proven and only required a little tweaking.


Cimcorp+ High speed monorail transfer system

  • Latest innovation from the Product Development department at Cimcorp to optimize internal logistics at tire plants
  • Fastest monorail system for green tires on the market – twice as fast as the earlier version
  • Increased transportation capacity: PCR version 45 kg, TBR version 120 kg.
  • Adjustable gripper handles all sizes of green tire gently
  • Can be installed either to move back and forth or on a loop, depending on the number and cycle times of the machines to be tended
  • Part of the Cimcorp Dream Factory – a comprehensive automation solution
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